05 March 2008

I am begging you

Please, please...

If you leave a message on someone's blog and expect a reply, please make sure you have an email address visible instead of no-reply @ blogger. This seems to be prevalent lately and I get really frustrated when I compose a reply to a comment and then look at the email address. *sigh*.

Don't know how to make your email address visible on comments? Here's a quick tutorial:

  • You need to log into your blogger account 
  • and go to 'Edit Profile'. It's right under your picture in the Dashboard (that's the first page that opens up when you log in). 
  • In the first section labeled 'Privacy' you should have 'Show My Email Address' checked. 
  • Now scroll down until you see 'Identity'. 
  • See where it says 'Email Address'? 
  • Type your email addy there. 
  • Don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom and click on 'Save Changes'.


  1. Good luck - I don't think my recent post on this topic caused a single blogger to change their ways. Incredibly frustrating!

  2. You have been giving the You make my day award!!

  3. I have mine all set. I understand your frustration with this as I have run into the same. Typically there is an email address found if you route your comments through your email before they can be posted. Also helps weed out anything you prefer not to see in your comment section.

  4. I have had that happen twice just today. It is very frustrating, especially if they have asked a question. I try to answer all of my comments.

  5. yikes.. I am guilty of this.. I changed my settings a while ago, but I do have a link to my email addy on my blog!
    I had to leave a message, your cat pic looks EXACTLY like my evil cat, Cosmo the Ba$tard cat :O)

    take care

  6. Hi Paula,
    After you left a message on my blog that my email option was a no.I tried to change it but couldn't figuare out how(I'm a little computer challanged)But will try your tutorial.

  7. Okay!
    Kind regards

  8. Yes, thank you for this. I fixed mine a while back too! I hope everyone does out there too, it is hard to write a nice reply and have it returned...

  9. Hey Paula, boy, do I know that window rattling wind well. I think when it leaves you it picks up speed all the way to WI!!
    This has been quite the winter for wind...I'm ready for some summer winds...aha....sing along please *VBS*
    Seems to be all sorts of things going on in blogland these days. And quite a bit of it is frustrating..LOL
    Great to hear you have the Foxfire books. I don't remember alot of quilting in them, but some. It sure was a wonderful project.
    And in the 'for what its worth dept' I uses that shelf 'stuff' also. Under anything I don't want to move away from my fingers....like the pincushion. I've even stuck a piece under the very smallest cutting board so I can cut while sitting down at the dining room(read slippery surface) table.
    Sorry to hear about the brown knitting needles...that would complicate alot of yarns. Sounds like you found the perfect solution. Hugs, Finn

  10. Anonymous8:31 PM

    I know your frustration. I have moderation on, and they all come to my email inbox first, so when I reply, I always make sure the address is there, otherwise why bother. People probably think you're being rude and ignoring them, but what can ya do?

  11. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Thank you for posting this. I really had no idea that I didn't have my email available.

  12. Thanks, Paula. I just put up a link to this post to encourage people to enable replies.

  13. I printed out your instructions and will do - guess I was rather confused. I thought it was safest to comment from the comment mini-window. Like here, as I am doing now.

    I interpret what you said to mean: sometimes people don't want to use the comment option, they want an email option.

    I wasn't sure I wanted the world to have my email address ... (I've had some pretty 'dirty' guys following me. I have 'blocked' them, but now, with this one more bit of information they can email me.)

    I haven't moderated my comments because I haven't had a problem there as some have. I can understand the reason they choose to do so, however. I know how to block emails, too, if is comes to that.

    Your instructions were clear, easy to follow. I have done as you suggested.

    Still learning ...