30 June 2022

June 2022

I made another crocheted Project Linus blanket: this one is a corner to corner. I love this pattern when the yarn is limited. I have found that weighing the yarn allows me to use it all - half for the increase side and half for the decrease side.

And here's another Project Linus blanket. I found this pattern on Ravelry. It is called the Blanket Stitch afghan. The pattern can be found here.


I also finished this blanket for Project Linus. It is a simple single crochet and used up the left-over yarn from the previous afghan plus two skeins of that sparkly magenta .

I've been on a roll! Final blanket for the month of June for Project Linus is one using half-double crochet. It used up all the sparkly blue yarn and a lot of white left-overs.

I need some new dishcloths so I'm taking a break and knitting up some using the dribs and drabs of cotton yarn that is on hand.

I also made a shabby chic diaper bag. I added some antique buttons and a brocade napkin. The inside has two zippered pockets that can accommodate a package or two of baby wipes.

It's been a productive month!

03 June 2022

May 2022

 I have some sewing! Well, after a fashion. I had these pieces of fleece; so I did a rolled hem using my serger and Voila! six blankets for Project Linus. The smallest is about 42x54 and the largest is about 54x68.

I have another Project Linus finish -- a premie blanket. This measures quite small at 24"x28". I used one cake of Lion Brand's Cupcake yarn in Robin Egg colorway.

The husband and I don't like to travel on holiday weekends so we did a Memorial Day camp at Carter Lake (in Colorado) for the last several days. It's wonderful to get away and just listen to the hummingbirds. The first day rain forced us indoors. The second day was glorious if a bit windy. 

26 April 2022

April 2022

 What can I say about this month other that it has been very very windy. And super dry. This is the driest April in over 100 years. Last Friday there were 15 reported wildfires. I wish people would be fire aware and stop doing stupid things during fire alerts. Okay, rant over.

I've been quilting but there is nothing to show yet. 

OTOH, I do have two shawl/wraps to share. They both use a 100% wool yarn that was given to me and I'm delighted to say that ALL of that yarn is used up. 

This shawl is call the Best Loved Garter Stitch Shawl. It is a super easy triangular shawl. I used the aforementioned wool yarn held together with a lace mohair yarn. This is just so warm and cozy!

This is the November Wrap and is a rectangular shawl. I is knit from side to side in stockinette stitch and the ribbed ruffle is knitted on. It, too, is warm.

31 March 2022

March 2022

It's been a busy month for some odd reason. I've been knitting this for the last 6 months and just finished putting it together. It can be used as a ruana (shawl) or a lap robe.

When I finished the ruana, I started on some hats. Two 100 gram skeins of each color resulted in two hats.

I was organizing my fabric stash and found a boat load of Laurel Burch fabric. So I made quilts for my great-nieces who are 7, 9 and 14.

Every 7 year old girl likes mermaids, it seems.


A 14 year old has a little more refined tastes.

 And purple for the 9 year old.

28 February 2022

February 2022

 Yikes! So I had the second surgery. To remove more of the margin of the melanoma, doc had to totally remove the healed portion from the last surgery. To say that it hurts like h**l is an understatement. I'm taking it easy for a week or two until the bandages come off and then it's "watch out world"!

I was able to make a tshirt quilt from some hot rod shirts. These shirts are from a collection of one of the members of the Road Knights car club. I used 20 shirts, stabilized with Pellon911FF. Because I was fitting it to a 60" wide backing fleece. the quilt has no sashing or borders. I quilted it with an allover freemotion jagged zigzag. It turned out pretty nice, if I can pat myself on the back. I gave it to one of the organizers of the car club's annual event for a door prize and she was blown away.

31 January 2022

January 2022

Whelp. The month of January has been spent in recovery. I had a largish spot of melanoma excised and I have been rehabilitating the 3" scar to suppleness. The spot itself was the size of a quarter but they have to excise about another 1/2" of skin around it in an elliptical shape. I look like I scraped my shoulder on a piece of sheet metal. :( I was told by the dermatologist that I need to go back in because they didn't take enough away on the margins. Sigh.

I have one quilt finish for the month; it's called The Ridiculously Easy Jelly Roll Quilt and can be found at From Bolt to Beauty. It's a wonderful way to use up 2.5" strips or jelly rolls. I used one jelly roll and some 2.5 WOF strips that were compatible.

31 December 2021

December 2021

This was a Christmas gift for my most recent Grandson. It was an pattern from Annie's Crafting. The stars were so easy to do since they were wonky points. The backing is a cute blue and green polka dot fabric. I gave a knitted blanket to him at birth, but up until now he didn't have a quilt. Now he does.

Hunny and I spent the morning of December 3 in the garage revamping this wreath. We deconstructed it and then added on some new garland. The lights went back on and then all the ornaments. The one thing I had a problem with was the bow. I could not find one to replace it and it needed replacing! All the Colorado sun beating on it for years turned the bow orange along with several of the 'red' ornaments. Our solution was to spray paint the bow with red paint. 

I've been sewing on a Christmas quilt for myself called Swell Christmas. A friend and I have been doing an in-home sew along retreat. Both of us have been making this quilt. I've gotten the top done, but I doubt that any quilting will happen on it until the first of the year. The instructions had you make 20# of log cabin blocks and then applique Santa on top. There was show through so I cut out the blocks behind Santa. This resulted in more blocks in the leftover pile so I made another quilt that is roughly 42"x56". And with still more leftover fabric so I made a baking for that second quilt.

This was a jelly roll quilt that I made from Jeep fabric!

And then because it was Christmas time I quilted a Halloween quilt.

I hope you have a Happy New Year!