31 December 2021

December 2021

This was a Christmas gift for my most recent Grandson. It was an pattern from Annie's Crafting. The stars were so easy to do since they were wonky points. The backing is a cute blue and green polka dot fabric. I gave a knitted blanket to him at birth, but up until now he didn't have a quilt. Now he does.

Hunny and I spent the morning of December 3 in the garage revamping this wreath. We deconstructed it and then added on some new garland. The lights went back on and then all the ornaments. The one thing I had a problem with was the bow. I could not find one to replace it and it needed replacing! All the Colorado sun beating on it for years turned the bow orange along with several of the 'red' ornaments. Our solution was to spray paint the bow with red paint. 

I've been sewing on a Christmas quilt for myself called Swell Christmas. A friend and I have been doing an in-home sew along retreat. Both of us have been making this quilt. I've gotten the top done, but I doubt that any quilting will happen on it until the first of the year. The instructions had you make 20# of log cabin blocks and then applique Santa on top. There was show through so I cut out the blocks behind Santa. This resulted in more blocks in the leftover pile so I made another quilt that is roughly 42"x56". And with still more leftover fabric so I made a baking for that second quilt.

This was a jelly roll quilt that I made from Jeep fabric!

And then because it was Christmas time I quilted a Halloween quilt.

I hope you have a Happy New Year!

30 November 2021

November 2021


Look what my Hunny made for me! I’ve always wanted a quilt ladder and once I put it on my Christmas Wish List he just made one! He’s a keeper. 


I’ve been doing a lot of sewing and quilting that’s resulted in a stack of completed donation quilts. The pattern is Strippie Quilt from Maryquilts.com. She has a lot of free and easy quilt patterns that I find appropriate for donations. For the backs on these quilts I used fleece because it makes them so nice and cuddly. 

Do you remember last January I made 3 chenille teddy bears? You can read about them here. Anyway, I donated them to the U.S. Marines Toys for Tots. I went to the recruiting center in my town and handed them over. I think I was the first one to donate there this year.

25 October 2021

October 2021


This is a very busy photo but what you see is a culmination of my summer: 13 quilts ready to quilt. I've said before that I have a sit-down quilting machine. Because of that, I have to baste the quilts with pins. After basting all these quilts I only have 14 free basting pins! 

So #14 of the quilts is folded up and awaiting basting. When I get a couple of these quilted I'll use the pins for that quilt. The #14 quilt is a Christmas gift so it is important to get it done.

14 September 2021

New Landscaping


This space used to have two trees: an ornamental Bradford Pear that was dying and an Austrian Pine that was so close to the house that in the last snow storm some of the branches were so weighted down with snow that they were on our chimney (not safe). Both trees had to be removed. 

And then the weeds came in. Last year was so smokey and hot and with the repaving of our road, we decided not to do anything with it. This year was the  year to do it!

It is really a simple plan with just the Colorado pink rock and the grass. A sprinkler system was installed so it will be easily watered. I've never had a sprinkler system before and it is really nice!

Next spring a new tree will be planted that will be place better than the other two.

21 August 2021

July and August 2021

July was hot but nice for about 2 weeks. Then the smoke arrived from all the forest fires from the western states. The western slope of Colorado also contributed. Combine that to another infestation of grasshoppers and I just stayed inside. 

I put a new zipper in a pair of leather pants for a friend. That was an interesting job. I was able to use my treadle sewing machine to sew one side of the zipper but the other side I had to stitch by hand since it couldn't go through to the outside of the pants. My biker customer was very happy with the result.

August is also hot and smokey so I have been, again, staying inside. Other that an occasional trip outside to the garden to pick vegies, I only go to the grocery store. And I go fully masked. Because.

My DIL had two older chairs that were really rough but had good bones. She bought all the supplies and I recovered them for her. It was interesting because the seat cushion and the back cushion were essentially feather pillows. These chairs are really comfortable. I don't know if I'll recover anything else, though. What a process!


I've started cleaning out years of accumulation. Here's one thing:

This is a formal muumuu that my daddy gave to me in the 1960s. The front has princess seams and inside are ties at the waist to tie at the lower back. That cinches up the waistline and the back of the muumuu forms a slight train. I love the fabric and I think that is why I've kept this for so long. I went back into the closet.

This time of year brings out the cook in me. So far this week I've made krautburgers/Runzas/cabbageburgers (they are know by different names), cinnamon rolls and a wilted cucumber salad.

No picture of the cinnamon rolls as they disappeared!

03 June 2021

June 2021

Well, I finally got the garden planted. It is late this year but with all the rain that we've had it is no wonder! Now I'm waiting for the stump grinder guys to come and grind out some gigantic roots. It makes it hard to rototill when there is a 6" root just under the surface of the ground. 

And then BAM! It got hot. As in 85 to 90 degree hot. Ugh. The house AC got turned on for the very first time. Not just this year but ever because the furnace/AC was replaced last fall. This new one works SO MUCH better. June 15 it was 101°; now THAT is hot.

I discovered that I had enough Laurel Burch fabric to make 4 different quilts. As luck would have it, I have one grand-daughter and 3 nieces. I think I have Christmas presents!

31 May 2021

April & May 2021

It has been raining almost every 3rd day for two months. The weeds around this place are prize winners! I wish I could say that there has been gardening done, but I can't. The soil is just too wet to work. 

On the other hand, a lot of other things have been accomplished.

In April of 2020, I had planned to go to Iowa to award my brother a Quilt of Valor. That didn't happen because of COVID. I had saved all my naval fabrics to make this quilt for him and award it to him. We had it planned that his buddies would come and I'd do the presentation and then we had to cancel.

Well, last month I drove from Colorado to Iowa and awarded it. We couldn't believe that everyone kept it a secret for a whole year! It was just family at the ceremony but there wasn't a dry eye in the house. He is now calling us all sneaky. Once home, I registered it at the Quilt of Valor Foundation site.

There is now a wall of grandkid photos at my house. It is, of course, in a 9-patch grid pattern. LOL.

The old Sleep Number bed it hitting the trash. I bought a new mattress and box springs. That Sleep Number bed is horrible for my arthritic hip and The Husband's back. Anything is better than that old thing.

Since I signed up for my guild's day retreat this month and wanted something easy to sew, I've been cutting quilt kits for myself. There are now five Quick Strippie Quilts cut from kid-friendly fabric to take for mindless sewing. I also realized that there was enough Laurel Burch fabrics in the stash for four (count 'em) quilts. Hmmm... I have 3 nieces and one grand-daughter. I think I just came up with some Christmas gifts. Now to do something for the 2 boys.

Sure I hope I can keep up this blog a little better. Talk to you soon.