05 October 2010

Socktoberfest 2010

I joined the Socktoberfest on Ravelry. Well to be truthful, I never un-joined since last year. Since I am a sock knitter, o yeah, I thought I would publicly proclaim my membership. To learn all about Socktoberfest, you can follow the link. If you are member of Ravelry, join the Socktoberfest group.

I will, from time to time, during the month, be posting a spoiler alert for the Mystery KAL when I post progress on my version of the Mystery Sock. So if you are doing the Ravelry KAL and see the Spoiler Badge STOP READING!

That said, I do want to show the first pair of Socktoberfest socks that I have finished. Please note that these are not part of the KAL. These "Sunrise" socks have been mailed to a dear interweb friend.



  1. Oh how fun. A sock festival!!! These ones here, these "Sunrise" socks, these are really pretty. Love them. :)

  2. It DOES sound like fun, but since I've other projects in the works, I'll let you do the knitting. ;o)

    The yarn for the pictured pair is gorgeous. Nice job on the socks.

  3. They are gorgeous, but I must confess...the pair on my feet every chilly morning since I received them, are my absolute favorites;)

  4. Knitting socks is on my list of things I'd like to accomplish in this life . . . . then I found out that double pointed needles are needed. *nevermind*

    p.s. word verification - gases

  5. The sunrise socks are so pretty! Nice work! and very happy to have you in Socktoberfest (again) this year!

  6. after reading your post yesterday I printed out the first instructions and sat down with some new yarn... what a fiasco! First I drop a cast-on stitch and had to go back. Then I mis-read the instructions and had to go back. Then I (for the first time ever) twisted my cast-on row when I joined it -- and ripped the whole thing out. I like the way they look in the pictures but is it worth it to do all those picky little cable stitches in the ribbing? Trying to decide whether to give them one more chance...

  7. These are so pretty! I love the color way!
    There is nothing like hand knitted socks!