07 June 2013

Afterthought Heel

If you knit with self striping yarn, you will know that a fancy texture will not show up. In an effort to use up the self striping yarn, I have launched an endeavor to learn new techniques for heels and toes. Sounds like a dance, doesn't it? This green pair is the first pair finished using a new (to me) technique. It is an afterthought heel also known as the Turkish or Peasant heel. I've linked to Melody Johnson's tutorial.

This technique works for top down or toe up socks and is totally replaceable if the heel ever shows wear. The way the heel is worked does not alter the number of stitches in the basic tube of the sock. On the other hand, the heel depth is shorter than usual on a short row heel, but if the wearer has a small, delicate heel this won't be a problem. The corners where the heel has been added is a bit ragged and will need a bit of tweaking when everything is done. Do you like to do the Kitchener stitch? This heel is grafted close using the Kitchener stitch, so be forewarned.

My verdict on this technique is a thumbs down. The socks seem to be a bit loose at the front of the ankle. I don't know about you, but I like a tight fitting sock. Like Elvis, these socks have already left the building. A co-worker saw them and expressed an interest in them.

The sock yarn bin seems to be self-leveling: in and out, out and in. But who can refuse the offer of free yarn? I know I can't, so a big "THANK YOU" shout out to Susan for gifting me with these two sock yarns.

For more knitted goodness visit Judy's blog at Patchwork Times.
Happy knitting!


  1. What a good idea! Nice socks, too.

  2. Paula I had seen Melody's afterthought heel a long time ago, but never tried it. I am with you I like my socks to fit snug and not be loose. I'm glad you tried it and mentioned you didn't like it, so now I won't bother trying it. Lucky you to get some free yarn too and so pretty.
    Love those blue and green socks you knit.

  3. I learned the afterthought heel technique last week at the Magnolia State Fiber Festival. I didn't like having to kitchener the heel shut.

    But they are lovely!

  4. You know your knitting always leaves me in *awe* add in the thought of a little dance and I'm ready to turn up the music ;-)

  5. your sox are awesome, glad my yarn has a good home with such a talented yarn artist!

  6. What a great idea for working your
    way through a stash of self-striping sock yarn! I'd thought about afterthought heels so I wouldn't have to turn them in the car, but I think the kitchnering will talk me out of it.