30 November 2022

November 2022

It has been a wonderful, busy month. I've been taking care of a grandson twice a week. I pick him up from pre-school and then we do art and crafty things or we go to a park. Our goal is to hit every park with a playground in our town. He is a delight to have around!

I finished this afghan for Project Linus. It used up a skein of 4 different colors of blue. This is crocheted.
And here is another crocheted afghan. This is an old fashioned pattern of zigzag that I modernized by using only black and white. It used 2 skeins of each color.

The family came for Thanksgiving and we all had a good time. But the grand-kids (like all kids) were saying "I'm bored". But they didn't want to go outside on a lovely day. What I think they were angling for were electronics. But they were able to make it for a couple of hours without their electronics or friends.

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