31 May 2021

April & May 2021

It has been raining almost every 3rd day for two months. The weeds around this place are prize winners! I wish I could say that there has been gardening done, but I can't. The soil is just too wet to work. 

On the other hand, a lot of other things have been accomplished.

In April of 2020, I had planned to go to Iowa to award my brother a Quilt of Valor. That didn't happen because of COVID. I had saved all my naval fabrics to make this quilt for him and award it to him. We had it planned that his buddies would come and I'd do the presentation and then we had to cancel.

Well, last month I drove from Colorado to Iowa and awarded it. We couldn't believe that everyone kept it a secret for a whole year! It was just family at the ceremony but there wasn't a dry eye in the house. He is now calling us all sneaky. Once home, I registered it at the Quilt of Valor Foundation site.

There is now a wall of grandkid photos at my house. It is, of course, in a 9-patch grid pattern. LOL.

The old Sleep Number bed it hitting the trash. I bought a new mattress and box springs. That Sleep Number bed is horrible for my arthritic hip and The Husband's back. Anything is better than that old thing.

Since I signed up for my guild's day retreat this month and wanted something easy to sew, I've been cutting quilt kits for myself. There are now five Quick Strippie Quilts cut from kid-friendly fabric to take for mindless sewing. I also realized that there was enough Laurel Burch fabrics in the stash for four (count 'em) quilts. Hmmm... I have 3 nieces and one grand-daughter. I think I just came up with some Christmas gifts. Now to do something for the 2 boys.

Sure I hope I can keep up this blog a little better. Talk to you soon.

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