14 September 2021

New Landscaping


This space used to have two trees: an ornamental Bradford Pear that was dying and an Austrian Pine that was so close to the house that in the last snow storm some of the branches were so weighted down with snow that they were on our chimney (not safe). Both trees had to be removed. 

And then the weeds came in. Last year was so smokey and hot and with the repaving of our road, we decided not to do anything with it. This year was the  year to do it!

It is really a simple plan with just the Colorado pink rock and the grass. A sprinkler system was installed so it will be easily watered. I've never had a sprinkler system before and it is really nice!

Next spring a new tree will be planted that will be place better than the other two.


  1. Your lawn looks great. It’s a lot of work to remove trees and repair the ground after the cleanup. We recently had five trees removed, they looked healthy bit three had been eaten away inside from ground level up five feet by carpenter ants. We still have trees to shade the house. It was an eye opener to see that ant damage.

  2. Looks good. I simplified my yard a few years ago and it has made a big difference. Fewer flower beds = fewer weeds.