28 February 2023

February 2023


I got another hat for the homeless finished. This is made with Lion Brand Landscapes yarn. 1 skein.

I started a blanket for Project Linus twice before realizing that this yarn was telling me it wanted to be a shawl. Isn't it cute with that ruffle?

The yarn is Lion Brand Landscapes yarn worsted. This shawl used 3 skeins of 100gr each.

And two more blankets for Project Linus. One incorporates a shell stitch and the other is a corner to corner crochet pattern the yarn is a single ply acrylic from Turkey and I am glad to get it out of the stash.

I've been pin basting quilts in prep for quilting. Can you believe that I had 9 in the queue? The vintage top was given to me and is requiring a lot of work before the basting can commence. Along the line, someone washed it and the back was a snarl of ravels. Some places need reinforcing or new stitching along the seams. There aren't enough problems to set it aside, however, so I am continuing.

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