04 November 2005


I was coming back to work after running an errand and my car, of it's own volition, just turned right into the Goodwill parking lot. Honest! Sometimes it does that. I need to mention it to Carguy. Not! So anyway, I'm in the store browsing in the sweaters and what do I find, but 5 lovely woolen sweaters. And, believe it or not, they just jumped off the rack into my arms. I had another one that I was holding up that was, like, an XXXL or something, with a zipper and leather elbow patches. Beautiful yarn -- nice tweedy oatmeal and tan color. An elderly gentleman (yep, I was in the men's department) was also looking at the sweater I held. I looked at this elderly, dumpy gentleman and then at the sweater and handed it to him and said, "Try it on." He did and it fit. "How do I look?", he asked. "You look good in it." I said and let him have the sweater. After all, I am going to unknit them to reuse the yarn for something else. Here's my haul (and all for a whopping $10)!

The 2 on the far right are 85% wool/ 15%nylon sportweight. The tan one is 70% wool/ 30% acrylic sportweight. The lovely bright yellow one is 100% lambswool fingerling. And the one on the far left is 54% acrylic/ 46% mohair in a lovely gradation of oranges to yellow. I am going to make a shawl out of that one and probably vests out of the others. I need some warm clothes. The gallery is verrry drafty in the winter. Probably comes from the fact that it is a 100 year old building and there is a 1" gap from the bottom of the front door to the floor. Hmmm?

On another note, I am quilting again. Yay! I have finally finished all the zigzag around the appliqué blocks. This is for the quilt that I am trading for a bronze statue. This weekend I plan on putting the blocks together with sashing and starting on the series of borders. I will have tomorrow all to myself as the Carguy is going to an auto auction. I hope he doesn't bring home another hotrod. I need a vehicle that doesn't slam into gear because the tranny is going. I digress. I will post photos of the top when I get it done. Maybe when I get this done I can work on this one I have totally designed in my head? We'll see what happens.

Oh! BTW, I stopped reading Wicked. I just couldn't get into it. Mindset was not right, I guess. But in the meantime I started From Potter's Field by Patricia Cornwell.

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