06 December 2011

How to make a ribbon scarf

I was asked if I would explain how I made the ribbon scarf. It is really very simple. Start with Sulky Solvy which is a water soluble stabilizer. Mine was old and and some was missing due to being used so I do not know how long it was, but I'd guess about 36" by the width of the stabilizer.

Since I am out of the stabilizer, I'll show the next step using waxed paper. Open the stabilizer flat and if you want to, spray it lightly with a bit of washable spray adhesive as this will keep the fibers from shifting. Lay the fibers on half of the stabilizer lengthwise, leaving tails at each end. Fold the other half of the stabilizer over the fiber-covered half. Pin the edges and transport it carefully to your sewing machine.

Put a walking foot on your sewing machine and stitch across the fibers every inch or so and then do a large  'x' to further stabilize the fibers.

Now comes the tedious part. Carefully remove the stabilizer from the stitching lines. You do not have to get it all out from under the stitches. Once you have the larger pieces of the stabilizer removed , dunk the scarf in a bowl or basin of warm water and swish around. I let it sit in the water for about 2-3 minutes. Remove from the bowl and roll the scarf into a terry towel to squeeze out the remaining water. Block or dry flat.

That's all there is to it! Here's a photo of the finished product again.


  1. Well, how neat is that? That's a great idea for creating a unique scarf. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Enjoy your week, Paula.

  2. I think I could do that!

  3. I LOVE this, Paula! Great post, I bet there will be a lot of ribbon scarves being given for Christmas after seeing how simple this is to do. They are so very pretty!

  4. Very interesting! I'd never have thought to do that! It looks beautiful.

  5. That is very pretty!!!!

  6. What a great idea! this would be a great use of all the threads we tend to waste when we mess up in weaving class.

  7. Anonymous12:05 PM

    I love that scarf!

  8. Anonymous10:41 AM

    I love this and want to do it. what kind of ribbons are these?