01 February 2018

January 2018 (in February)

Well this is no way to start a new year. I should be quoting the White Rabbit: "I'm late, I'm late". So where did January go?

I've been busy with life. I haven't really been sewing: it's that time of the year when the basement sewing room is very chilly. And so I've been playing with yarn. The blanket pictured above is a small swaddling blanket that I completed in January and is 28"x32". This is for my upcoming grandson. Yes, I will be a grandma again!

I've also been knitting a blanket for Project Linus. This is a simple baby blanket that is the perfect size for swaddling as it is 24"x30". It uses almost 2 skeins of yarn. The stitch is a 4 row repeat and you need to cast on a multiple of 8. I added a knit-on border that is 16 rows of garter stitch top and bottom and I also added on 16 stitches for the side borders.

Knitting and crocheting can be done in the warmth of the wood burning stove that is in our living room.

31 December 2017

December 2017

I've been very busy this month. I assume all the makers know about how busy one can be in the month of December. It's about baking and quilting and sewing and crafts. Secret stuff! The one gift I made this year is for the granddaughter. She is loves all things Elsa from 'Frozen'. She has several Elsa dresses and Mom & Dad have a had time dressing her in anything else. I found this panel and this resulted...

This year the old man and I decided to buy each other new carpet for the living room. We have a small house and this won't break the bank, so to speak. We are of an age that we really don't need more stuff, but new carpet or an updated bathroom would be nice. Things for the house, you know?

I hope you had a wonderful 2017. Let's make 2018 a better year, shall we?

30 November 2017