24 September 2016

The UFOs

I loaded this hand-pieced quilt onto the frame to quilt it, but my hands would not let me do frame quilting any more, so I actually pin-basted it to be able to quilt it on a hoop. So the basting is done but not the quilting. Still a UFO.
These are the left over hexagons from the quilt in the first picture. What can I say? I over cut. But I pressed them flat and then cut them into 4.5" squares. DONE..

This is a favorite shirt that was so horribly stained I couldn't wear it any more. I took it apart and made a pattern from the pieces. Pattern making is DONE but the new shirt is still a UFO.

A sack full of Crown Royal bags. I took them all apart and realized I had enough for two different quilts. Still a UFO.

These are the two QOV quilt from the previous two posts. When this photo was taken they were only basted and awaiting quilting. Obviously, from the other posts they are DONE.

Here is the vintage quilt that was partially bound and very lightly hand basted. Then washed. Arggh! I had to remove the basting and the binding, switch out the poly batting for 100% cotton batting and put a new backing on it. I needed the shrinkage one gets from the batting and backing to counter the uneven shrinkage of the top. It is now re-basted and quilted with a Baptist Fan pattern. DONE!

 And here is what it looks like:

And the back:

So it is kind of under control.

27 August 2016

Pokemon Go for Quilters

Are you participating in the 2016 Row-by-Row Experience? I am. It is essentially Pokemon Go for quilters! In fact, I have enough patterns and kits from 6 states to make about 4 quilts.

This is the first one I've made: a kit from The Quilter's Stash in Windsor Colorado. Two colorways were offered and how can I refuse a red, white and blue? Because this is so wildly different than most of the other kits, I turned it into a table runner using the 10-minute table runner technique. The link leads to a youtube tutorial. I did not make the triangle ends because it would have taken away from the pattern so I just bound the ends like I would for a quilt.

20 August 2016

Recent QOV finishes

This first quilt was given to me as an in-completed row quilt. I ended up redoing the words but the trees and houses were lovely and well sewn. I dug through my stash for the star row and the background of the flag row. The flags themselves were red, white and blue, which isn't a bad thing but the rest of the quilt was a bit more primitive in coloring, so I over dyed the flags with a tan dye. It works.

I wrote about the next quilt in the previous post.

17 August 2016

Using The Setting Triangle

I have avoided putting quilts on point because of the chore of trying to figure out what size square to cut and then slice in an X. I bought this ruler many years ago and I haven't used it! Until now.

I am made a Quilt of Valor that I am simply calling Rails and Squares. I haven't used my Singer Featherweight in a while and I thought it was time to dust her off and make a quick quilt. 

So here are the specifics to make this quilt if you want to make it:
• Cut 42 squares at 6.5" x 6.5"
• Cut your rails at 2.5" wide by WOF (width of fabric). Since my quilt is entirely of scraps some of the strips were shorter. Don't use strips any shorter than 6.5"
• Sew the lighter strips to each side of the medium/dark strips, my middle strips are all reds.
• Cut the strips into 6.5" squares
• The layout is the tricky part. Notice how the rails alternate directions? Start with the longest diagonal row (I went from upper right to lower left) and lay out the blocks. Then continue building from there. Sew the blocks together in diagonal rows.
• For the setting triangles I used "The Setting Triangle" ruler. Using the ruler, I cut a strip at 5 1/8" wide and then placed The Setting Triangle on the strip with the 90° angle at the top and the line along the bottom of the edge of your strip and cut on both sides of the triangle. Then I rotated the triangle 180° and cut another triangle. The long edge of the setting triangle is on the straight grain.

• For the corner triangles, I used the 7" line and cut two triangles. Then I cut the triangles in half from the 90 degree angle to the base. This puts the long edge of the corner triangle on the bias and the outside edges on the straight of grain. Don't worry, there are instructions online if you need them.
• The edges will need to be squared up.

You are going to be seeing a lot more of my quilts on point now.

10 August 2016

Faithful Circle quilt

Do you remember this quilt? I've only been working on it for 6 years, since December 2010. It is hand pieced, I'll have you know. Well, guess what? It's on the frame!
The ladies in my small quilting group convinced me that since it was hand pieced it needed to be hand quilted. The funniest thing about this, is that I haven't hand quilted in a long, long time and when I tried to set the frame up, I couldn't remember how. LOL! I had to go to the interwebs and look for a picture of a frame that is similar.

I'll keep you posted on how this goes.

14 July 2016

A Lot of Sewing Going On

I decided to clean my sewing room. I know, I know. And as I was going through some stuff I found a pair of wooden handles. I figured it was about time to use them and I had that Miranda Day bag pattern I talked about in the last post. And so, using only items and fabric from the stash, I made this bag. It's the prototype for...

this bag! I use this bag every day and I love it. You know what? That crosshatch quilting on the first bag took twice as long as the pebbling on this black bag.

Then I found this little dab of a Jackie Robinson print in the stash. Since I've always wanted to try shirring, I used the technique on this little top for my grand-daughter. This is so cute with a pair of shorts.

This is the same technique as the top. The difference is the top is 100% quilting cotton and this little dress is 100% cotton lawn. Cotton lawn is lighter weight and really shirrs better.

I was on a roll and made this adorable pillowcase dress too.

Have you been sewing lately? I find after making a large quilt I want to finish something fast and this type of sewing is the best thing for me to do.

09 July 2016

Pebble Practice

I've been working on the Miranda Day Bag by Lazy Girl Designs. I needed to quilt the outside of the bag and had this gorgeous batik fabric. See it there in the top of the photo? This step only has 2 layers: the fabric and the batting. I absolutely COULD NOT see where I was going or where I had been on that fabric. So I turned the sandwich upside down and quilted from the batting side. Since you can't see the quilting on the fabric side, I took this opportunity to practice my pebbles in between the paisleys.