08 May 2016

Happy Mother's Day

This small (8.5x11") quilt was made for and displayed in the 2004 International Quilt Festival Journal Quilt exhibit. The picture was taken 35 years ago when I was cradling my 6 month old son. It is fused applique with a bit of embellishment and minimal thread painting.

01 May 2016

Hat Burnout

I am so burned out on knitting hats! This will probably be the last one for a while. And, guess what? I'm keeping this one for me! I'll have a new hat for next fall.

Just because I'm burnt out on knitting hats doesn't mean that I'm not knitting at all. I made this adorable Seamless (?) Baby Hoodie for my grand. I question the seamless because the shoulders are seamed together, the sleeves are seamed onto the body and the hood was seamed onto the sweater. If I were to make this again, I might be tempted to rewrite the pattern. But I made the largest size in the pattern and don't want to do the maths to enlarge or make it truly seamless. Nevertheless, isn't it cute?

28 April 2016

I made this one to work on that one

I made this brightly patterned pinwheel quilt with it's alternating applique posy blocks just so I could practice my quilting on applique.

Yes, those are yo-yos in the center of the posies. I wanted something to use to practice the quilting around applique before I went on to this lovely block of the month quilt. When I get this finished, I'll tell you all the trials and tribulations of this quilt.

22 April 2016


I am actually hand sewing a binding! Will wonders never cease?

14 April 2016

For a Veteran

I recently finished this little lapghan using up some left over acrylic yarn. It measures 32" square. I just kept crocheting until I used up the yarn.

I don't do a lot of crochet because of bad hands and wrists. When I do crochet, however, I just do it in little bits of time chunks. This small lapghan took me forever, it seemed.

It is perfect for a wheelchair bound veteran. I hope he enjoys it.

06 April 2016

Pinwheel Quilt

A recent spate of pinwheel quilting has resulted in this child's quilt. I used an older charm pack that I found in the stash and made half square triangles. After putting sashing in between the blocks, it turned into a decent size: approximately 38x38".

Here is a close up of the quilting. I used the seam line of the HST as the spine of the feather for the white side and then just did a curved line in the colored side. Ribbon candy was quilted in the sashing and the border was done with S-curves (or rope). I love how this turned out

27 March 2016

Quilting? What is that?

It hasn't been all knitting. I swear it hasn't. It just has been so windy around here that I couldn't take and photos of the latest finishes so the color of these is a bit off at the bottom because I had to shoot indoors.

I have found that I really do not like the super dense quilting. Not only does it take absolutely forever to do, it makes the quilt not-quite cuddly. After all, these are charity quilts and should be snuggly.

This quilt is very densely quilted. But because I chose a thin poly thread and a soft batting it isn't as stiff as it could have been. The working title of this quilt was "Boy, Is It Pink!"

I was brave and went with pink thread.