17 November 2014

A Unconventional Tip for Pin Basting a Quilt

I pin baste my quilts mainly because my lungs can't handle the fumes from the spray basting stuff. I don't know about you, but when I pin baste a large quilt like I have for the last two days, my middle finger almost, but not quite, gets a blister from pushing the pin through all those layers. The finger gets so tender that I have to stop.

Enter my solution!

I was recently given a thimble made from the softest deer hide imaginable! It is supple and allows me to grip the pin without causing a blister on that one finger. I was able to finish pin basting Clara's quilt today. Next up is the quilting.

I need a manicure, don't I?

14 November 2014

Why Socks Beat Peanut Butter on Pancakes

  • They don't stick to the roof of your mouth
  • They keep your feet warm
  • And if you knit your own they can be a very fun accessory.
I'm offering a free pattern for these socks.

But. These have not been test knitted by anyone else and I have a tendency to fudge and fiddle with a pattern. After all, who is going to count the stitches on your socks. LOL!

In this photo, you can see how I work: the toothpick for a cable needle and the 'bauble' kluged together for a row counter.

The pattern can be found under the Freebies tab at the top of my blog.

Let me know if you find any errors. 'K?

12 November 2014

Why Mom Was Right About Snowsuits

Oh was it cold today! A high of 2°F at 3:00pm. I dress in layers for work; I have to 'cause not only is the 100+ year old building drafty, but I feel every one of those drafts. I wish I had a snowsuit!

09 November 2014

How about...

some knitting for baby!

That little grand baby of mine is keeping me busy!

03 November 2014

Baby Sewing

Well, hello, there! I should welcome myself back, shouldn't I? You can see from the photos that I've been busy busy busy with grandbaby sewing!

These pacifier tethers were really easy to make. I had some leftover binding that I sewed into a tube and turned right side out. But before I did that, I add a loop of ribbon to one end so that it would be caught in the sewing. Then I threaded the other end through a mitten/suspender clip and just sewed it down. Easy peasy.

The pattern for these bibs came from Heather at Hellomynameisheater and is free. I used a fabric that is new to me. My friend, Mrs. Goodneedle, used it and mentioned it in a blog post, so of course I had to try it. Thanks for mentioning it Mrs. G!

I had some of the PUL left over, after all it is 54" wide. So 2 layers of PUL + 4 layers of flannel stitched together and then turned right side out (like birthing a quilt) and Voilâ! a very wipe-able travel changing pad.

I found this sweet alphabet panel and I turned into a book using 72F Peltex Ultra Firm 2-sided Fusible and a bit of time. Boy do I love the pinking blade for my rotary cutter!

27 October 2014

A Gift for ME!

I was given these three baggies of HST at my quilting bee.

They are extra HST as what is in this small top. And yes, I was given the top too. I am excited to work on this. I love triangles, and I think HST are my favorite unit in a quilt block.

It will be fun to see how big this quilt gets.

24 October 2014

OTN Oct 24, 2014

I haven't done one of these posts in a while. It's not that I haven't been knitting, I have! But I had to take a small hiatus when I burned the index finger and thumb of both hands doing something stupid. As the skin healed, I found that the pointy ends of knitting needles wasn't fun to deal with. But I am making up for lost time now. In fact there are two different pairs of socks in the works, but I don't have photos of them at the moment. I do, however, have photos of two recent finishes.

The mittens are for me. I did a slip stitch on the thumb and hand to make them a bit thicker and, therefore, warmer.


You'll have to pardon the hat, I haven't had time to block it yet. These items were made from the same yarn. This first hat has a doubled brim. I folded a wide brim in half and then picked up the stitches and knit the rest of the hat.

And here is the third skein worked up into another hat. This hat is knit in a K1P1 rib all the way through.

Then I had this somewhat large ball of leftover yarn, so I knit another hat! Don't you love the way the yarn pooled differently in each hat?

The hats are going to the Wounded Knee School in South Dakota. I belong to the For the Children of Pine Ridge group on Ravelry and have found it is a good outlet for my knitting: even the wool items. If you are interested in more information and aren't a member of Ravelry you can email me and I'll fill you in.

I am linking up to Judy at PatchworkTimes for On The Needles Friday.