23 October 2016

A recent finish

So I've been knitting from my stash. A lot. In fact, after this pair of socks, I only have enough yarn for three more pairs and I have already cast on another pair.

This doesn't mean that I have no other yarn. Oh no. I have lots of yarn for shawls and sweaters of which I am glad because, frankly, I am getting a bit burned out knitting socks. There, I've said it.

And so, once I have used up the sock yarn, I am moving on to items that take more quantity of yarn. :)

22 October 2016

Crown Royal quilts

I never realized the popularity of Crown Royal bags! But plug Crown Royal bags into any search engine and boom! hundreds, if not thousands, of creative ideas will explode onto the screen.

I have been working on a quilt made from these bags and I have some words of advice if you are considering using these bags.
  1. These bags are similar to flannel, so be forewarned. I am not a fan of working with flannel.
  2. These bags will ravel if not cut on grain. Believe me when I say that they aren't cut on grain at whatever factory makes the bag.
  3. I would not make half square triangles from these bags. Ever. Again. Worst experience ever. I couldn't get points to match up and they were very stretchy.
  4. A pattern that features squares and/or strips is ideal to use with these bags.
I centered the Crown Royal stitching and then cut out a 4.5" square. The sides of the bag will generate a strip that is 2.5" wide and 27" long when trimmed down.

On this quilt, those dreaded HST were cut as a larger square (5.25") and layered with a same size square. Draw a line diagonally from one corner to another, sew .25" on each side of the line and cut apart.

The finished block size of the shown quilt is 12", but I have another quilt drawn up where the block finishes at 8".

I now have this top finished and it is layered with a fleece backing, no batting. It will make a very cozy Christmas gift for a certain someone.

19 October 2016


Okay, so this is a lot of Wooly Nylon but there are some gems over there on the right. See them? Does anybody have a suggestion on how to use up the wooly nylon besides in the serger on tshirt hems?

Just before July 4th I scored this length of fabric. I am still deciding how to use it in a QOV. Medallions, maybe? And build it up with a series of borders? Any suggestions?

This is actually two different pieces of fabric. I thought about cutting them apart and then adding to them.

Do you thrift? I don't do it very often, but every now and then I find some good pieces.

24 September 2016

The UFOs

I loaded this hand-pieced quilt onto the frame to quilt it, but my hands would not let me do frame quilting any more, so I actually pin-basted it to be able to quilt it on a hoop. So the basting is done but not the quilting. Still a UFO.
These are the left over hexagons from the quilt in the first picture. What can I say? I over cut. But I pressed them flat and then cut them into 4.5" squares. DONE..

This is a favorite shirt that was so horribly stained I couldn't wear it any more. I took it apart and made a pattern from the pieces. Pattern making is DONE but the new shirt is still a UFO.

A sack full of Crown Royal bags. I took them all apart and realized I had enough for two different quilts. Still a UFO.

These are the two QOV quilt from the previous two posts. When this photo was taken they were only basted and awaiting quilting. Obviously, from the other posts they are DONE.

Here is the vintage quilt that was partially bound and very lightly hand basted. Then washed. Arggh! I had to remove the basting and the binding, switch out the poly batting for 100% cotton batting and put a new backing on it. I needed the shrinkage one gets from the batting and backing to counter the uneven shrinkage of the top. It is now re-basted and quilted with a Baptist Fan pattern. DONE!

 And here is what it looks like:

And the back:

So it is kind of under control.

27 August 2016

Pokemon Go for Quilters

Are you participating in the 2016 Row-by-Row Experience? I am. It is essentially Pokemon Go for quilters! In fact, I have enough patterns and kits from 6 states to make about 4 quilts.

This is the first one I've made: a kit from The Quilter's Stash in Windsor Colorado. Two colorways were offered and how can I refuse a red, white and blue? Because this is so wildly different than most of the other kits, I turned it into a table runner using the 10-minute table runner technique. The link leads to a youtube tutorial. I did not make the triangle ends because it would have taken away from the pattern so I just bound the ends like I would for a quilt.

20 August 2016

Recent QOV finishes

This first quilt was given to me as an in-completed row quilt. I ended up redoing the words but the trees and houses were lovely and well sewn. I dug through my stash for the star row and the background of the flag row. The flags themselves were red, white and blue, which isn't a bad thing but the rest of the quilt was a bit more primitive in coloring, so I over dyed the flags with a tan dye. It works.

I wrote about the next quilt in the previous post.