03 October 2020

Fires in my Hood

 Ashy Skies Return, Cameron Peak Fire Grows Close to 35,000 Acres

Since we last talked, a lot has happened. I should have held onto to June's bright blue skies. Why? Because shortly after July 4th the Western United States started to burn. One can't go outside because of the ash and particulates in the air. The husband and I were talking this morning how it doesn't feel like we've had any sunny days this summer. Of course, summer is a relative term: I'm talking August and September here.

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I leave my gardening shoes outside on the deck and one morning I awoke to all this ash and burned pine needles inside them. 


 This is a lake near my home. Can you see the mountains in the background?

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This is the fire that is only 60 miles from my house. At the time of this photo it was only 30,000 acres burned. Now it is topping 111,000 acres and is only 27% contained.

 And now a large fire in Wyoming and grown and crossed the Wyoming/Colorado border into Colorado. It has grown larger than the Cameron Peak fire. If they combine...

26 September 2020


 Do you remember all the vegetable starts I had? Well this is what happened to them

And then it was totally decimated by hordes of grasshoppers. Other than the tomatoes which I've been picking and canning. I currently am up to 38 pints of tomatoes.

Who had a plague of grasshoppers on their 2020 Bingo Card?

17 June 2020


Today is my 48th wedding anniversary.We had a quasi-hippy mountain wedding. I say that because my parents invited what seemed like a ton on people, but in reality it was about 50. It was held at my parents house in the mountains. My mother made my dress and had to take it in 1" a week before the wedding because I lost so much weight. Oh to be that slender again!

31 May 2020

May 2020

Someone painted a rock last month and placed it at the base of my mailbox. Wasn't that apropos for earth day?

I started some seeds: marigolds, basil, tomatoes, delicata squash and zuchinni. 

To say that I had success was an understatement.

I also bought a couple of sweet pepper plants.

30 April 2020

April 2020

I've made several batches of Delectable Mountain blocks. Finished are the gold, dark blue, and brown. I'm working on the purple ones now. 160 blocks is a lot of work!

Before Covid-19 I took on a commission of making some blue velvet curtains. I had to suspend the roll of fabric from the floor joists in the basement and then arrange two tables and some bins to be able to get the fabric to unroll easily and smoothly. I had to get the hubs to help with the cutting because I had limited amount of velvet and I couldn't waste any in squaring up the ends. The curtains were a piece of cake to make, it is the fabric cutting that is a bit difficult and fiddly.

I made another batch of masks and took them down to the fire department. They hand them out to others.

I've been slowing adding rows to the knitted log cabin blanket. I made all the blocks using left over sock yarn. Then I put 12 squares in a column by knitting them together by doing a knitted on i-cord. Now I am knitting the columns together the same way. It is very slow going and I would like to get it done before hot weather really gets here.

31 March 2020

March 2020

Wow! What a month, huh?

First thing: I finished the "Sue" quilt. This is a low light photo to show the quilting.

Then COVID-19 struck. Since the hubs is immune-compromised we have been on semi self-isolation since March 1 and full self-isolation since March 20.

I'm making face masks for the medical industry (or veterinarians, or patients or whomever needs them) since the masks are in short supply. I belong to a group that does this type of thing. And I have a lot of fabric. Ya think?

All-in-all I've made 26 masks. I've given one batch to a nursing home and this next batch will go to hospice.

Someone in my 'hood has been painting rocks. This is the one I found at the base of our mailbox. Don't you love it?

I also have been making more quilt blocks. This is a stack of Delectable Mountain blocks.

This month has been so strange and I am reminded of a Grateful Dead song: What a long strange trip it's been.