30 November 2019

November 2019

Well, here it is November already and the sky is dark at 4:00PM. My body doesn't really know what to do with this daylight saving time.

I really dislike wintertime at work. The building was built in 1904 and the outside wall (where my desk sits) is just a block wall with no insulation. My boss keeps turning down the heat so I've given up and leave it at 62. Yes, 62! I wear 3 layers of clothes to try to keep warm. My hands are really feeling the cold and arthritis has flared up in my right hand. It stiffens up and hurts so bad. I wear finger-less mitts but the pain doesn't subside until I get home and warm up.

The Hubs and I went to Black Hawk for an overnight visit. Gambling just isn't my thing but I went with him. I don't know what riled up my allergies, but by Friday morning I could barely see. How can a person's eyes be red, swollen and itchy but still be streaming tears? I bought a packet with one Claritin pill at the gift shop for a whopping 3.95! Expensive little pill.Oh, and BTW, I lost.

A massive winter storm has moved into the area. I70 is closed from Denver east to the Kansas border and west at Idaho Springs due to rock slides. Colorado is essentially closed. We have 12" and counting. The Hubs is stating that we only have 5". Ha! my eyes see more than that and it is still snowing.

Thanksgiving was uneventful and I like it like that. The family came for dinner except for my DIL who had to work. I bought a fresh, non-GMO, non-antibiotic turkey from the natural market and it was the best turkey I've ever cooked and eaten! Coupled with a wonderful weight watcher's recipe for fresh cranberries and all the other trimmings, the meal turned out great. For the first time, I made mashed potatoes and then kept them warm in the slow cooker. I do recommend this method as it eases the stress of the day just a bit.

31 October 2019

October 2019

I crochet and knit blankets and afghans for Project Linus. This is one I made earlier this year that works quite well for Halloween, doesn't it?

Work on the hoarder house is just about complete. Hubby and I sold and closed on the house this month. It has been a long and hard year. I hope that none of you will have to do this type of thing. It is one thing to deal with a death were the person has everything in order but this wasn't one of those.

I hope all the family will accept the amount of inheritance as "anything you get is profit", but there will be one person who I believe will complain that it wasn't enough. Doesn't it seem that there is always one in the family?

I'm quilting away on quilts that have been stacking up. I love using the Crayola Washable Markers to mark a quilt top before quilting. I haven't had any problem with them not washing out until this quilt and I noticed that on one certain fabric the marker that I used (was it the brown one?) left a shadow. It washed out in a subsequent washing. I've heard that the yellow? (or was it orange?) is tricky.  I haven't used those 2 colors so I think I'll test them. Have any of you tried the markers? What did you think?

I'm crocheting a sweet little pale pink blanket for Project Linus. It isn't finished yet, so there is no available photo.

Of course, I made my own Halloween costume again this year. I was a hallucinogenic mushroom. What an easy costume to make! I didn't win any of the prizes at the Halloween party but DH won second place for his pinstriped mobster. Woohoo hubby!

We are currently experiencing the second of two winter storms here. The streets were really icy on the drive home. I remember how to drive in ice and snow but there are so many transplants here that it is dicey with all the new drivers to snow.

My car is slowly dying. I think there is a leak in some gas vapor regulator (it's the gas pressure regulator) because at certain times I can smell gas in the interior and outside right at the windshield. It also started to not release the key from the ignition. We solved that problem by popping out a plug on the steering column and inserting a pen to push up a release. With the other hand turn the key off and remove it. Not ideal, but it works. I need a new vehicle.

30 September 2019

September 2019

Hubby and I went to my 50th high school reunion this month. The picture is of us at my 40th reunion. What I couldn't figure out was who were all those old people! It was a bit embarrassing that my ability to not remember names was highly visible. "Hi, you!" "What has been happening in the 10 years since we last met?"

I have actually made a quilt! Will wonders never cease?  I used two different fabrics: a stripe (that you can see in the border) and an allover triangle fabric. I measured the repeat on the stripe and then cut squares. Then I cut squares from the triangle fabric. It is a good sized quilt: about 55x60". It is in the giveaway pile until it tells me who it belongs to.

I'm working on a secret project that will be revealed once the quilt is gifted. I can't say much more or it will give the secret away.

Today is a damp and drizzly day. Tomorrow will be warmer and the temp should be back up close to 80 by Friday.

I need to start working on my Halloween costume. Last year my costume was too subtle so this year it will be a highly visible costume. Also it will be comfortable. My costumes are always comfy since I don't like uncomfortable clothes.

31 August 2019

August 2019

Yes! It's true. I am no longer on crutches. My legs, however, are as weak as a baby's. It's a slow process to add weight bearing back into the equation.

I've been walking as much as I can downtown because the sidewalks are level. I also still go to the physical therapist. One day I will be as I was before, hopefully better that before.

04 August 2019

July 2019

Another month of crutches. Are you counting? This makes 8 weeks on them. I am heartily tired of them: my other knee hurts now, my hands are trashed and I have calluses in my armpits. Ugh.

I did finish something this month. As you might know, my sewing room is in the basement. I went down the stairs like a little kid by one step at a time on my butt. I quilted this queen sized flannel quilt that I had pin basted before my little accident. It's a good thing I basted it before because I know I couldn't have done it on crutches.  It's just big 10" squares.

The second picture is truer to the actual color of the quilt.

I made and then gave this quilt to my son and DIL so they can trade it for babysitting. They want to go on an adult weekend (no kids) and this is my way of helping. Their babysitter has always wanted a quilt so I made one for her. Win/win.

09 July 2019

June 2019

Time has gotten away from me. My summer essentially been put on hold. At the beginning of June, I slipped off the tailgate of a pickup into soft soil. I'm not sure what really happened but I heard and felt a pop in my knee. The orthopedic doc thought it could be a torn ACL but an MRI determined that there is a vertical crack at the top of the tibia (shin bone) right behind the knee cap. 😥 I'm glad it's not the ACL but now I have to be on crutches for 8 weeks with no weight on my left leg at all. My days are now taken up with doctor appointments and physical therapy.

During this time I was asked if I could finish a quilt that her adoptive mother had started about 40 years ago and worked on it now and then. Her adoptive mother is now in assisted living and won't finish it. I said yes so she sent it to me. After all, I'm supposed to stay off my feet and this is something I can do sitting down.

It is a largish quilt made by someone who did not make quilts. The blocks are Sunbonnet Sue blocks that measure 13.5". These blocks are appliqued by machine onto a blue sheet. It was sandwiched using a very thin but stiff polyester batt and a pink sheet and hand basted.

The muslin appliqued blocks were then hand quilted.

It's unfortunate that there are so many puckers on the back that finishing it in this condition wasn't possible.

I got permission to take it apart and remake it. The first thing I did was to remove the basting and then the quilting stitches and then the block.

I have removed all the little threads and washed both the blue sheet and pink sheet.

Stay tuned. I'll talk more about this project.

28 May 2019

May 2019

It's pollen season around here. I am highly allergic to pine pollen and yes that is what it looks like. I am miserable. Oh for a good rain!

A storm moved in this week and dumped 2" of snow on us. Talk about fulfilling a need. I can both breath and see. There was 1.5" of water in that heavy wet snow.

Isn't this beautiful? The pattern is Wingspan by Kyle Vey. The yarn is from The Blue Brick in the Ibis colorway. I'm knitting this with a yarn from The Loopy Ewe that will look more like a parakeet's wings. I started this shawl and got to row 10. A couple of stitches slipped unnoticed from the needles and I couldn't navigate the pickup. And so, it was frogged. Now there are the 79 cast on stitches on the needles. *sigh*