28 May 2019

May 2019

It's pollen season around here. I am highly allergic to pine pollen and yes that is what it looks like. I am miserable. Oh for a good rain!

A storm moved in this week and dumped 2" of snow on us. Talk about fulfilling a need. I can both breath and see. There was 1.5" of water in that heavy wet snow.

Isn't this beautiful? The pattern is Wingspan by Kyle Vey. The yarn is from The Blue Brick in the Ibis colorway. I'm knitting this with a yarn from The Loopy Ewe that will look more like a parakeet's wings. I started this shawl and got to row 10. A couple of stitches slipped unnoticed from the needles and I couldn't navigate the pickup. And so, it was frogged. Now there are the 79 cast on stitches on the needles. *sigh*

15 May 2019

April 2019

Well, I totally missed posting for April. I had this post written but forgot to schedule it.
Work on THAT house has stopped for now since DH and I are getting burnt out.

I've been doing walk about in my yarden and cleaning up some of the flower beds. All the work from THAT house (6 months!) has caused backups in our own house stuff. I cleaned out all the dead stuff from the both the rhubarb patch and the asparagus patch. That filled up the one trash can I have for that type of thing. Since I currently have limited yard waste containers I have to work on it slowly.
I noticed that my Autumn Joy sedum is poking up so that will be the next to get cleaned out.

And another spring storm has hit us! I love how the meteorologists call it a Bomb Cyclone. Really? I've always known this as a spring storm/blizzard. The spring storms are actually worse than a winter one because of the moisture content in the snow. We sometimes call the snow Sierra Cement.

Saturday night, I posted a garage sale on Craigslist. The sale is for the coming Friday and Saturday. In the items for sale is a 60lb air compressor. Sunday (Easter!) morning the doorbell rings and some gal wants to buy the 'composter'. I DON'T have a composter for sale and the sale isn't on Easter Sunday. Do people even read any more?

31 March 2019

March 2019

Well dumpster #3 was filled and dumpster #4 is on order. How can one house hold so much stuff?!! I am washing all the dishes, flatware, china and crystal so I can see what is there. I am doing a crash coarse on glassware so I know what is worth marking up or down. There is some lovely stuff, that is if you are into glass and china.

Winter is still around but signs of Spring are appearing at Casa del Quilter. I like to walk around the yard to see what has poked it's head above ground.

I love to doodle quilting patterns and this one was really difficult to figure out directions. But perseverance paid off in the end. This would be good to use on a 16 patch, wouldn't it?

28 February 2019

February 2019

I lead such a boring life. The hoarder house cleanup is continuing. Dumpster #3!!!! is almost full; this is a 20 yard dumpster so it is a bit smaller. I will be so glad when this whole thing is behind us. The worst part? Nobody else in the family is helping. Oh yes, they all want their share of the money from the sale of the house, but help? Nope, nada, no.

I have started to quilt the king sized quilt that I mentioned last month. It is slow going since I am spending a lot of time away from my quilting machine.

In the evenings I have been crocheting and knitting baby blankets for Project Linus. The last meeting I attended was at the beginning of December before I got ill (I think that house made me sick) so at this month's meeting I turned in 2 blankets that I worked on in the evenings.

31 January 2019

January 2019

Well, Happy New Year!

It was a quiet one here at Casa Del Quilter. Both hubby and I were ill and we hid inside, out of the cold.

Work will soon commence on the hoarder house again. We filled the second 30-yard dumpster at the beginning of December. How can one person have so much junk? The majority of it was broken and useless.

Over the holiday break, as I was convalescing, I decided to pin baste some of my quilt tops in preparation to quilting them. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I had ten tops! One king, one queen and the rest were twin. I got the king and the queen basted and 4 of the twins until I ran out of safety pins. The other 4 will have to wait until I quilt some of these.

31 December 2018

December 2018

Well, let's say that December hasn't been the best. It started out all right but then degenerated into a month of sickness. I went to the Project Linus meeting on December 8 and had to leave early because I just didn't feel well. Hubby and I had to cancel Christmas with the family because by then we were both ill. Some kind of upper respiratory infection. We are both on the path to recovery now so maybe this is my one sickness for the year.

I have been knitting socks. I know: surprise! I swore I was done with knitting socks, but you see I have been knitting 8" squares with leftover sock yarn. Each square represents a pair of socks that I have knitted. I laid out the squares out and realized that I needed nine more squares to make the blanket queen sized. And so, here are the socks.

The squares have been made and the black borders added. Now they are waiting to be put on the design wall for layout. I think once I get a good layout, I'll take a photo so if they somehow get rearranged in the removal process I can go back to the photo. It will take a while to stitch the squares together.

One nice thing, though, is that all the socks you see have been sold. After all, how many pair of wool socks does one person need?

And so I wish you all a happy new year. I'm hoping for a healthy one.

05 December 2018

November 2018

I have been sewing a little bit. I've been making quilt tops. That makes me a topper. How many do I have stacked up in that photo? Six, all ready to sandwich. The tops and the backings are there along with the batting and binding for each quilt. There is another one out of sight that is already sandwiched and waiting for quilting.

I was searching for something in the house the other day and stumbled upon these five small afghans. Two are knitted and three are crocheted and all are infant sized. I added a Project Linus label to each and now they are ready to donate.

Hubby and I filled one of the biggest dumpsters that can be rented, a 30-yard dumpster, in 5 days. We have another on order. It is expensive to rent these so I hope we won't need more than two.