12 January 2006

De-Lurk, Please

This week is national delurking week. I wonder, is there anyone out there reading my blog?

Won't you please leave me a comment? Thx.


  1. plantwoman9:37 PM


    I am at a best western in the lobby checking my mail. oh what has it come to!?

    I love your site, you are so very entertaining.
    I still cannot "get out" into cyberspace from my house yet, something to do with "old computers" (a mere 5 years) but such is the techno world.

    And what are HTML tags, for god's sake? does it have anything to do with washing instructions? too much for this antique grey matter.

    Love your site. Keep on creating, you are an inspiration to us all!!!

    LOVE, PlantWoman

  2. Participate in Illustration Friday and you will be visited by many bloggers!


  3. Anonymous3:02 PM

    Hi sis Joann told me about your blog. I asked her if she ever made any comments or not. She said no. Rocki's ball got under the couch where she no longer fits 15 weeks and 32 pounds and I found a project I had forgotten I started
    for you. See you this summer.