07 January 2006

Happy New Year

Thank goodness I never blogged that I will post everyday. Because I can't seem to do that. Anyway, I have been thinking of a something to blog about that is fiber-related and I have several things.

The thumb is sloooowwwwwly getting better. But then, I'm not using it very much at all. I seem to have quite a problem with my hands and I am trying not to overstress them. I have not been knitting and I have hung up my crochet hooks. I've noticed that when I crochet is when my hands hurt. Hmmmm... I did finish the ripple afghan for the sofa and it looks good if I do say so myself.

I also finished up the quilt top that I was working on. I pieced a backing from some flannel that I had in the stash. Then I sent it out to my machine quilter. Since this is a fused appliqué quilt and for trade, I decided not to quilt it myself. Aside from the fact that it is 88" x 88" and I did not want to wrestle the thing around with my hands being the way they are. I am just having my quilter do an all over meander. I'll show a pic when it is done.


I pulled out every bit of fleece I had in the studio. You know the pieces: too big to throw away but not really big enough to do anything with. Then I searched and found a pattern for hats ranging from infant to adult and also a pattern for mittens from toddler to adult. I am going to serge hats and mittens and give them to charity. That will reduce my non-quilting fabric stash quite a bit. Yahoo!

Note on 1/8/06: I realized that the mittens were too short and, besides, I didn't have enough elastic for them and the goal here was to use up what I had and not buy more. Anyway, the mittens went into the trash. But I made 40 hats! 40!

In the back, the blue is the start of an infant's hat and next to it the purple will be a pair of wrist warmers. In front of those are lots and lots of cut out mittens waiting to be sewn. These were cut from the hunks of fleece that were too big to toss but not big enough to do much with. On the floor, in the milk crates are the bigger pieces and yardage. Stay tuned.

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I took down our Christmas tree the day after Christmas since I had the day off from work. It was just a little 2 foot artifical tree that if you sneezed the whole tree trembled and threatened to fall over. I decorated it with very light-weight items: crocheted snowflakes and angels and these dear little crocheted candle holders. Also with some tussie mussies I made several years ago from lace, ribbons and package decorations.
To make them I cut a circle no bigger than 1.5" diameter from a light weight cardboard and punched a hole in the center. I then gathered a length of lace with needle and thread using a running stitch. All the stems of the package decorations were gathered together and wrapped with florist tape and then inserted through the hole in the center of both the lace circle and the cardboard circle. A bit of glue was used to keep the lace and cardboard together. The stems were then glued to a craft clothespin. When everything was dry, I tied ribbons around the stems. I had about 12 of these on that little bitty tree and they looked very nice and were lightweight enough that the tree didn't topple.

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