15 January 2006

Bear and Deer

I have an entry for 'The Ugliest Quilt'.

Wow, I'm pretty prolific today. I unearthed an old scrapbook and realized that I lied to you. Didn't mean to, but it happened. Back in November, I posted about my 1st and 2nd quilts. In reality, they were 1 and 3. THIS is number 2:

My Second Quilt

Have you stopped laughing yet? Good. Let me just say that I really had no idea what I was doing. That center panel is drapery fabric portraying vignettes of grizzly bears and deer. (Are you listening Ami Simms? Does this qualify?) The backing is an old percale sheet that I wrapped around to the front. The batting? There is no real batting. It is an old acrylic blanket. This is tied not quilted. Do you think a needle could penetrate this? Ha! The Kid had a Super Single Waterbed that this fit, now it graces the back of CarGuy's lounger. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this quilt is still around and wearing like iron.

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