23 February 2006



I have this love affair with earrings. I especially love hoops and the long dangling kind. I have a lot of earrings. And to record them, I've been sketching them in my journal. If you click on the link to the right (My Photos) you will go to my picturetrail site. The album is Dec'05-Feb 23, 2006. The cat earring is the last page in the journal. I will be starting a new journal tomorrow. Or maybe later today, it depends.

I have found that drawing my earrings is a rewarding task. I had gotten in a slump in the wearing of them. In fact, I only wore 2 sets and a single hoop -- all the time. I wasn't changing them at all. This is sad, really, because I have a lot of fun earrings. By making the decision to draw them, I have to study them them. What will look good with what I'm wearing? Is there something on the earring that will catch in my sweater or scarf? I have to study the earring even before selection. And I have to clean it. I said that I haven't been wearing them didn't I?

I have 2 sets of matching piercings and then in my left ear a single piecing. I have started mixing up the earrings -- you know, not wearing the set or wearing a set in one ear and a set in the other ear. It's fun to watch a person's reaction when s/he realizes that my ears don't match. It's artful earring wearing! Kinda like the socks I knit. They are artful too, because I don't bother to match up the stripes. I like that non-conformity, right brained activity.

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