05 March 2006

Sunday Doings


The paper in this journal was handmade. I found that it took ink and paint way too well. So I this journal is mainly a glue book.

I've been busy on the books. I culled all the cookbooks, college textbooks etc and am donating them to the Friends of the Library booksale. The whole back of my minivan is full of books. I hope there is a cart at the library that I can use, otherwise it will take about 8 trips back and forth to take all the books into the library.

I have also been gathering up supplies and getting things ready for the guild retreat this month at Little America in Cheyenne. I know it is early, but if I don't pile things together I just know I'll forget something.

The Kid stopped by this morning. He is on vacation from the newspaper for the next week. He has his car all packed but doesn't know where he's going! He said he'll go to denver-town and then decided if he's going left or right or south. South is a friend, left is an ex-girlfriend and right is Steamboat Springs and snowboarding. (His snowboard is in the car). Gee, I wonder which way he is going to go? Hmmm?

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