01 June 2006

Landscape woes

What's been going on? A lot. I have been getting estimates from landscapers for a small area in front of the house. I need to seriously reconsider how much I want to spend on this. The quotes have been coming in quite high. Higher than I planned. I wonder if The Kid will help me build a wall? CarGuy can't. sigh. See that fence? It was never completed. It was supposed to be shadowbox but the pickets on the outside were never nailed up. Now the fence is starting to fall down. This time the fence will be completed! I'm just saying.

CarGuy has a new toy. This was, in fact, a pleasure to spend money on as now I won't have to do this. The right tool for the right job. Right?

This weekend is the The Goodguys 9th Colorado Nationals out at The Ranch. The CarGuy has his baby in the show. Someday, I need to post a pic of it if anyone is interested. It is not a hot rod but a fully restored muscle car. I am not going to spend all weekend there. I will go out tomorrow afternoon and take the photos of the car at it's first show and put them in the scrapbook. This book will accompany the car to subsequent shows and will go to it's purchaser. Can you believe it? -- the car has it's own scrapbook! The temps in these parts are forecasted to be in the 90's for the weekend and I am too fair to hangout in a parking lot for 3 days. So I am going to Denver-town to visit Auntie.

On a sewing (not quilting) front, I have been making thermal curtains (Warm Windows). It has been easy but a learning experience. I have plans to make many more of these coverings. We built our house in 1978 during an energy crisis. We situated the house on our lot so the clearstory windows faced SSW. We get a LOT of natural light. And heat. Nice in the winter, but a bit much in summer. Over the years I have tried numerous things. The last has been vinyl blinds. I purchase ready made ones and modify them to fit these custom windows but have not been inclined to restring them with enough cord to reach 18 feet. Now I am going to make some of these blinds so that finally I'll be able to adjust the blinds. And they won't melt!! The vinyl has gotten so hot from the sun that it has melted and sagged over the course of several years. I want to adjust the heat loss/retention in the house and make the furnace and air conditioner not work so hard. I'll keep you posted.


  1. Hi Paula -- Thought I'd hop over and check out your blog. Your socks (below) look great!!! I'm currently working on my first sock with short row heels and toes. The heel was a breeze, but the toe took me 4 or 5 tries (which included a LOT of frogging). Now I'm about to try a three needle bind off!

    Thanks so much for your help with the show notes!


  2. Guess what? We built our house in 1978, too! Same energy crunch, we have clearstory windows,too, and I could almost guess they face about the same direction as yours. I may be the wife of the builder of the first LEED-Platinum home in Oregon, and best in the US...but I still live in the first house we ever built. I am the shoemaker's wife. That's why you had to send me socks. Now, if I could just get your kid to fix my fence,(my doors, my windows...) I could be a happy woman...ha! So, tell me...married to CarGuy. Do your cars actually run? If so, I am crying unfair ;