28 July 2006

Blocking a Quilt

When I was in the sewing room the other day taking the photos of the quilting process on the Paintbucket quilt, I thought I'd take one of the baby quilt I am blocking. Look, you can even see the glint of the pins! This quilt started out as a Round Robin about 15 years ago. To make a very long story shorter, I got it back from where it stalled. It was horribly misshapen and I could not even finish it for a charity quilt. I soaked it in hot water and am blocking it on the rug in my sewing room. I plan on adding a bit of applique to that very wide border and in the center of the Ohio Stars. I also think it needs another, smaller border. It is unfortuante that all the fabric colors in that wide border are "muddied" in comparison to the clearer colors in the central star. I've pulled a pink and a small white print and a clear spring green from my stash that complement the star. I'll show a pic when I have it done.

Someone wants me to donate to a silent auction for a local charitable organization, but frankly, I think this would serve life better as a charity quilt. Maybe I'll give a different quilt to the auction. I'll have to see how this one looks after my additions to it. Also, I have to consider the timeline of the auction.

1 comment:

  1. I hate it when round robins go bad. I've never participated in one for that very reason.