01 August 2006

Done, done, done & done!

Whew! Busy, bizzy girl. And I apologize for the photo quality. But I was schleping around the back yard in my jammies before the heat of the day. Here's what I completed in July:

A Child's Quilt

This is the X&O Child's Quilt I showed in a previous post, with a closeup and the back



and the Yellow Brick Road front and back

Yellow Brick Road


and the Waterfall Cardigan. The buttons are on the cardi, it's just that the pic was taken before they were added. Sidebar: I shot this pic in the basement and I was not sweltering in this cardi at all. Shows how chilly the basement is!

and I knit a bias baby blanket from the Waterfall's leftover yarn for Project Linus


  1. Neat quilts! I like the fabrics that you chose for YBR - that sure is a versatile pattern. I am a sucker for I Spy's so I really liked that one too! (Maybe I sould get back to my own I Spy series...)

    Pretty Cardigan...

  2. Those are great quilts - I really like the colors on the x and o quilt. You were talking about the heat, and then you showed a picture of the sweater, and I was hoping that was a picture you took earlier. You've been busy! Good job on getting so much done, and glad that your basement is cool enough for you to model your cardigan.