29 August 2006

Quilty stuff

Boy. Such imaginative post titles lately. Maybe I should be like Finn and not put a title at all on my posts?

Sew. I have photos for you. I have updated my Picturetrail site and put this photo in my Quilt Studio album. You need to go there if you want to see the rest of my studio/sew room. The funny thing about rolling fabric like this is I gained a whole shelf of space! This is only the fabric with 1 or more yards. The FQs are in another area. Eventually I would like to combine the two fabric areas.
*Note: The Picturetrail site has been canceled as of 7/17/2011. 


This is the former closet in TheKid's bedroom. I had CarGuy take the doors off so I could see things and get inspired. This top shelf has the Stack 'n Whack fabric, some quilt reference books, a Jinny Beyer kit and miscellany.

The next shelf is red, pink yellow, orange and brown.

The next shelf is blue, purple and green. Can you tell I like these colors?

The bottom shelf is grey, black, white, beige.

And the 3 milk crates on the floor from left to right hold crochet thread, sock yarn and velvet.

The next photo is the actual closet shelf showing my collection of plastic shoeboxes with UFO's and other miscellany. I have slowly emptying them of UFOs and filling them back up with things like leftover sock yarn *grin*. You might even be able to read the index cards I've stuck in the ends to identify contents.


And here's a finished quilt for you. Remember this? It really does not hang like this. Honest. I was in a hurry when I pinned it to the design wall. Got it kinda crooked and with the plug in just behind it, well...

Starting on one of the outside red bars and then every other bar, the quilting design is a rope. The other red bars are cables. Arrgh! What was I thinking when I did those cables? Six passes through the machine for every cable; it took me forever to quilt this thing. Size: 61x84" This is in the giveaway pile along with the Yellow Brick Road.



  1. Rolling your fabric is a great way to store it. Never thought about doing that - great idea.

    Love your Chinese Coins (?) quilt.

  2. I love the Chinese coins with the red! I pack lots of things by rolling - seems to make sense for storage, too!

  3. Neat Chinese Coins quilt! I like the look of the rolled fabrics, but I am LOVING the shoe box system!

  4. Love your fabric organization! I've been on that "kick" too! The Chinese Coins is great--the red really pops.

  5. Hi Paula,thanks for stopping over at my blog. I was puzzled when I saw your name and then you quote...LOL, so I had to come and see where you hang out..*VBS* I remember, I remember..the paintbucket quilt!! From Feb. 19th, it helped you come out of your slump..now I remember..thank you for the comment and the "prompt"...that plus digging out my Paul Bunyon to hand quilt did the trick.
    I'm going ahead with getting him basted, but I think I'll be sewing again shortly...*VBS*

    I really, really do love your Paintbucket Quilt. Sorry that the quilting design took more effort than expected. Sometimes that happens. More than the quilt warrents but that's how we learn.
    I've got you bookmarked for sure this time...and I'll be back to see what you are up to. Hugs, for getting so much done..love the fabric rolls, great idea!! Finn

  6. Oooh, fabric! You're pretty darn organized. I gotta do the toss and hunt to find my UFOs. ;)