07 November 2006

The Burn Test for Fiber

For those of us with old stashes it is a good thing to know if there is poly/cotton in the stash. Poly/cotton was really prevalent in the late 1960s through late 1970s. Personally, I can tell by ironing the piece in question. I have an highly sensitive sense of smell. If I set my iron on a cotton setting and iron a piece of fabric that is poly/cotton the smell of the fabric changes as I'm ironing. I got in the habit of testing the fabric when Auntie started emptying her stash into mine. It is also a good idea if you frequent thrift stores for your fabric.

For a visual on a burn test go to this article from Sew News.


  1. Anonymous7:20 AM

    Makes me think of textile class in college - I'm a fairly rare antique - home ec. major - and I set my bangs on fire by getting too close to the bunsen burner!


  2. Or you find out because when you go to iron it on the cotton setting, the whole thing shrinks. Yikes!! Guess I'll use that piece for a rug. :)