10 November 2006

Quilting question about Minky

Well. I have been working on a quilt. Yes indeedy. Here's proof in the flimsy stage. This is a quilt for Baby Davis in Wyoming who is already 6 months old. I don't want to wait too much longer to finish this. Oooo, the color shifts that happen when you shoot a photo under fluorescent lighting! That really isn't navy blue but a very pretty royal blue, so you can just image what has happened to the other colors.

Now I have a question:
  • have you ever used Minky (this is the color I have BTW) for a backing?
  • If you did, did you also use batting?
  • Did you tie or quilt it?
  • How did it handle if you machine quilted it?
  • And, since it is polyester, how did it handle after washing? Did the front shrink up and the backing get really strange?
And while I've been dithering about how to finish the Baby Davis quilt I've been doing other work. In the second picture you can see my pizza boxes. 2 of them have quilt kits in them that I've cut . The 3rd is waiting to be filled with my Leaf Season kit.

I found those absolutely lovely scrapbooking page totes at a craft store. They are 14x14 and will hold 12x12 blocks flat or, as here, all the fabric for a quilt. I am currently working on the top one with that lime green fabric in the corner. Speaking of lime green, see that pile of greenish fabric behind the boxes? Well, it all seems to have a greenish cast because of the fluorescent lights. Anyway, that fabric has amazonian-type frogs on it and is the last fabric I need to cut for the quilt in the top tote. The other 2 plastic boxes have all the fabrics for their respective quilts just waiting to be cut into kits.
I like to get things prepared ahead like this so then I can just sit down and sew.

And here's a lesson I just learned: when one I take photos of quilts I need to center myself smack-dab in the center. Case in point: the first photo. I shot this very quickly at 6:30am and just did the point and shoot. If I had taken the time to either squat a little or moved the quilt and made sure the camera was level I would have taken a much better photo. Not to old to learn, huh?


  1. Hi Paula, the quilt looks great...despite the color changes..LOL. One never knows exactly what to expect once they get published.
    I haven't worked with minkee, but I know some gals have as there has been discussion about it. I was trying to remember who..but my senior memory isn't bring it up just now.
    I would think you could, and probably wouldn't need a batt in there.
    Maybe make up just a little 10 X 10" "quilt" to try it?
    Loved the post below about the lecture on the Civil War quilts and stories. What a great story and then to get to see the quilt...wow! I'm impressed!! Hugs, Finn

  2. Hi Paula,

    I have worked with minkee and I have to say I am not fond of it. I still have to quilt it. I am thinking of using a very thin batting and than tie it as it doesn't work great in the sewing machine, it stretches a lot, so I don;t think machine quilting will be an option. My top is totally made with minkee and the backing will be a flannel

  3. I am getting ready to work with a friend's leftover scraps of minkee. She threw them away and I literally dumpster dived for them out of large trashcan. She did not use any batting, she tied it rather than squash the nap with quilting and it all made a terrible mess everywhere, anyway. I still see minkees in use every where I go, new moms seem to love them! I once saw the exact same minkee blankie on two babies, in two strollers, in one store. I am guessing an original one would still be a great and much appreciated gift!

  4. My mom has used it and yes it slips and slides and stretches. But oh so soft :) I have used fleece which is a littl easier! xoxo melzie

  5. I have a friend who is a long-armer and she uses it all the time with batting. Perfect for her family in Canada. She says it does stretch a lot and would probably not work on a home sewing machine.

  6. Thank you, Ms. Jan! That is exactly the information I need.