10 December 2006

Day of Rest?

Not really. I went to DenverTown today. No matter how fast or slow I drive or which route I take, it always takes me about 1.5 hours to get to Auntie's apartment. And then another 1.5 hours to get back. It basically takes the whole day.

It was Auntie's 91st birthday today. We celebrated very quietly. I brought her a card and a very 'rosy' floral arrangement that made her apartment smell absolutely wonderful. I was all set to take her to dinner, but she didn't want to get 'gussied up' and refused to go unless she was 'gussied up'. So we sat and visited for hours.

Every time I go to Auntie's I come home with stuff. I've brought home cardboard boxes to dispose of, catalogs, magazines, fabric, yarn, and other things. Today it was a wonderful knitting basket. I used to have one just like this but in a different color. Wonder what happened to it? Of course the basket is not empty. There are more UFOs. *sigh* I'll dig through them to see what is there and decide what to do with them.

Today's brooch is needle tatted, during my brief foray into that medium, using DMC Perle Cotton. Judging by the color, I made it sometime in the 1980s. I wore it on a white cotton shirt that has tucks down the front and battenburg lace inserts across the upper chest. It is a nice shirt that I found at the Goodwill thrift store.

These pins (plus the 2 wreaths and the mittens) are the ones I have already worn this month. You are not seeing double, there really are 2 Kermit T. Frog pins. I just wish I could find a Miss Piggy to go with them/him. The 2 Kermit pins were purchased in the late 1970s. One for me and one for TheKid. I think he wore his once. Of course, he was only about 3 or 4 years old. The snowman tongue depressor was purchased at a craft fair. The bells were a hard rubber magnet I bought last year and turned into a brooch.

I am actually working on a quilt! Nothing spectacular. Just a small wall hanging to use up some of those preprinted panels that seem to creep into the stash occasionally. Where do they come from?

I've gotten Junkyard Bob's quilt all bound. I need to call him and get some specifics for a label. This quilt really needs a label to tell its story.

I'm also putting the final stitches on the binding from a class I took about 3 weeks ago. The hard part is the black on black. I can't work on it at night because of tired eyes and I'm not home during the day. Yesterday and today I was gone during all the daylight hours. Maybe I'll get it done by springtime?


  1. I like your brooch collection, very Christmas-y and very happy. Happy birthday to Auntie

  2. I'm sure your auntie really appreciates your visits, and your willingness to make her birthday special.