17 December 2006

Holiday decorating

Well, I finally managed to get a tree up today. Granted it is only 3' and didn't take that long to put up. But as I mentioned before, trying to find a place for it was the hardest thing. CarGuy and I have a small house with a large workroom for me and a large garage for him.

As I was going through the bins to figure out what ornaments to put on this small tree I took some pictures of ones that I have made in the past.


This sheep was made from a McCall's pattern back in the 1980's. She is one of my favorite ornaments. I notice that one of her feet is chipped.


These angels were crocheted with knit-cro sheen around some clothes pegs. I still haven't starched the skirts, wings or halos. Only because I'm not quite certain how to hold the skirt etc in position while the starch dries. Any suggestions?

And here is a Christmas Bunny. This is my own pattern that I modeled after a cat that Auntie has in her apartment. I adore that little cat and tried to make one. But not having a fabric that looked kinda catish I though this guy resembled a rabbit so I redid the ears and tail. BTW, his tail is just a very large pompon. His feet actually extend in the back and with the tail in just the right position, he is able to stand on his own. The hat also has a pompom on the end of it. The cat does not have a hat (no cat in the hat here!) but because I glued the bunny together, the hat covers the glue.


  1. The little sheep is just darling. The snow bunny looks like he might be keeping a secret *s*

  2. I love that little sheep too... and personally, I would rather have a big workspace and garage year round than a space to put a Christmas tree for 1 holiday of the year! The angel skirts - maybe you have a kitchen funnel that would work? I have 2 different sizes for funnels. The angels are very sweet and look like lots of work!



  3. Nothing like giving advice after someone has probably already finished their project, but I have several ideas for your crocheted skirt angels. You could try paper clips, or make a funnel out of stiff paper, or straight pins.