18 December 2006

Pocket Angel

Bet you thought I forgot about today's pin, but I didn't. Across the street from the gallery is a boutique called Almosta Mercantile. She sells very trendy stuff in there. This pocket angel is made from pot metal and really does have a good feel to it, almost like a worry stone. Does anyone else remember worry stones? Anyway. After I purchased her she resided in my wallet for a long time and I kept trying to use her for a quarter. Finally, I put a pin back on her and now she's part of my calendar.


  1. She's great -- my favorite so far *s*

  2. Jane Ann10:44 PM

    I have one of those! A clerk at Chico's in Ft. Myers gave her to me just before I hopped a plane back home. She does feel good, though I don't carry her with me. She sits in my jewelry box in a ring slot. Yours is a better use!

  3. I received one of those when I was in the hospital. What a great idea to make her a pin??