28 December 2006

Winter Storm Round 2

CarGuy put his name on a list at a local outdoor equipment dealer. He said that we need a snow blower. Here's what we ended up with. Oh. My. This puppy can throw some snow. But then, CarGuy could not shovel snow, and the last two storms have laid down too much for the tractor blade. I'm the one shoveling thankyouverymuch. When we loaded it on the trailer tonight (in sidewayz snow) the dealer said, "Have fun!". He doesn't know what a lifesaver this will be.

I got all my errands done today ahead of the snow. I am so glad that I decided not to work this week. It would have been miserable downtown: cold, wet and no place to park.

On a quilty note, I spent the better part of the afternoon in the studio. I finally got all the pieces and parts cut for the last kit I was making for myself. And then, too get myself in a stitching mood, I started making some string blocks from the paint bucket. I lost track of time and finally realized that I had made 8 of them!

So all six of my project boxes have projects in them now. I can start sewing. And with Round 2 arriving, I will have 4 more days. Yippee! So I'm going to surf around the blogs for a bit and then sit in front of the fire and knit.


  1. I keep telling the weather gods to send the snow to New Hampshire and they won't listen! I'll keep asking them though so you can get a break from it. Hopefully the snow will get here soon.

    I love the picture of DH sleeping under the paper.

    Have fun with the snowblower!

  2. I'd rather sit by the fire than get outside and move snow. At least you have a powerful machine to make easy work of it -- gets you back to the fire quickly *s*

  3. I always say - get the right tool for the job! Sure looks easier than shoveling!

    Enjoy your sewing time! I cut a few "kits" this summer and even though I was a bit bored with the fabrics when I was done cutting, now - months later - I find them exciting again! Having project bins sounds like a good idea.



  4. What a great idea! I should put all my projects into boxes.

  5. I am thankful that you are nice enough to take the snow and let us have springlike temperatures. The snowblower does look like fun though. Think of the snowforts you can make!