12 January 2007


I woke up this morning to a dusting of snow, about an inch. On the deck were rabbit tracks.
Back up.
On the deck?
I had to poke my head out the door and study them. This rabbit was wandering. JR Tolkien said "All who wander are not lost" and that was this rabbit. I think s/he was exploring new territory. The top of this deck is 2 feet from the ground at its lowest point. There are two steps up to it. The snow is piled so high around the edges that this rabbit was able to just come on over.

Now I can hear you asking, "What does silk have to do with this post?" Do you know what our temps are right now? Cold. As in bone chilling. When your nostrils stick together trying to breathe. With wind chills taking it down into the negatives. The gallery is always cold with temps like this. So I dress appropriately. The silk?

My long johns! LOL!

Notice the wool sox? How about the wonderfully glamorous shoe? Actually, I love these shoes. Trés comfy! And warm.


  1. The rabbit was probably looking for heat! Did you let him in?

  2. LOVE those socks!!!

  3. I had silk long johns once upon a time ago in a different life time. Just an FYI - silk long johns and bleach do not mix...

    Nice socks!

  4. My kind of shoes *s*

  5. Oooh . . silk long johns . . . and those socks . . . so cool.

    I'm excited because we are FINALLY getting a winter storm on Sunday/Monday. I can't wait!

  6. I'll take some of your bone chilling temps! In Arkansas, we're enduring so much rain our RV is going to need pontoons soon!