20 March 2007

A Quilt Called Frances


Since there were no photos in my last post I thought I'd show you a different image of Frances. What you don't see is CarGuy in his bathrobe holding this up on a very chilly Colorado morning. LOL. What a guy! As always, the image is clickable for a large view.

And just for Finn, I dug out a very old booklet that was published in 1933 and shot a photo of it. The rugs in here are made from strips of fabric and the designs are reminiscent of quilt patterns; there are several different hexagons and a hearth rug made from half a Dresden plate: all crocheted!

I apologize for you not being able to comment. Blogger has decided that my default is to not allow reader comment and to hide backlinks. * BIG SIGH* Just one more thing to check before hitting that 'PUBLISH' button.


  1. That booklet looks excellent - and it kind of matches the quilt in terms of nostalgia for the 20's and 30's.

  2. Frances is beautiful!

  3. It is a beautiful quilt. I wonder if we go through some proper photo processing software, if we can xray the quilt and get to see carguy in his bathrobe.

    I got that Optical Illusions for Quilters book from the library a couple of times. You are right, it is very informative and technical. I've seen the memory books too, and thought I should add that to that evergrowing to - do list.

  4. The quilt looks marvelous. Hubbies are good for holding up quilts! I should ask mine to help me out, he's a foot taller than I am.

  5. Frances looks great *s* I bet Grandma Clark has some good, sensible tips for making rugs. The book looks like a lot of fun.

  6. Frances is completely lovely! I, too have had to double check lately the comment box default. Arrgghh... that's all new, don't know what's going on.

  7. Frances is adorable. I love her.

    Rugs from strip of fabric . . . published in 1933. I didn't know the concept has been around that long.