23 July 2007

Quilt Content!

So now that the maniacal marathon read is over, I can get back to stitching. I read so much and for so long that when I was finished with the book, I had a reading headache. It's very similar to a hangover. A reading hangover! Bah.

I actually did other things this past weekend. I went to Denver-town. There was the Cougar Nationals (car show) that CarGuy wanted to see and it was close to Auntie's condo. And between the car show and Auntie's condo is this quilt shop: The Great American Quilt Factory. Maybe you've heard of them? Or maybe you have some Possibilities patterns or books. Anyway. I had a 20% off coupon so I HAD to stop. Really. I purchased one (yes you read that right) thing. This book: 101 Fabulous Rotary Cut Quilts. It's not my usual style of book, but there were several quilts in it that I liked.

There was this wonderful Christmas quilt in the window display along with the book for the pattern. When I got inside, I looked through the book. That was the only pattern I liked in the whole book and I wasn't going to buy something I didn't really want. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras. I took a picture through the window so I could remember the quilt and then figure out how it was constructed. Mind like a bowl of oatmeal, that's me. I'll show the EQ picture when I get it done.

Now I know you're asking "What does a picture of lily pads have to do with quilting?" Good question and there is really a good answer. You should have seen me laying on my belly to get that picture. In the blazing sun. Next to a highway. I have a different picture of the lily pads taken at a different angle that I'll use as reference to draw an appliqué for my challenge quilt. Remember that quilt that I keep yammering on about? Yep. That one.

And speaking of the Challenge Quilt. I have designed and am working on two different quilts. Can we say overachiever? It all started when I made that unfortunate choice of fabrics for the background blocks, that I took apart and remade for the back of the quilt. And as I sewed them I found myself humming a song. This song by Dean Martin: Disc #1 Song #1. It's a different song than the front of the quilt.

Channeling Dean Martin. Good name for a quilt.


  1. Ha, Paula, I too have 101 Rotary Cut Quilts. I even have a 7+ year-old UFO sitting in my closet patiently waiting to be finished (along with several (ahem) other UFOs). I like the book but have one complaint: the pictures of the quilts are not on the page facing the cutting instructions. I don't know about you, but I prefer that layout. I also don't like cookbooks that do that (the recipe not on the facing page with the picture). What are you gonna make?

  2. I have borrowed that book many times from the library. I like it a lot. They also have The Joy of Quilting which I like even better. I believe the author of that one is Mary Hickey.

  3. Whenever I think of Dean Martin, I have to think of The Gold Diggers, that stool Dean sat on holding a cocktail and a cigarette with an ash just hanging on for dear life. That dangling ash always made me nervous *s*

  4. Well I'm glad you made it back to blogging after the Big Read. I think half of the quilt/blog world has been doing the same thing.

  5. I have that book the 100 one. I think it is a fabulous book, although I haven't made anything from it.
    I too have lots of photos of quilts - the blue and white ones, for example, that I took at the quilt store because I decided that I wasn't buying the book or the pattern, and would try to figure out how to make it from the photo. I know that makes it harder on me, but sometimes a challenge is a good thing.
    You're making me nervous about the challenge quilt - several songs, two quilts, and now lily pads, goodness.

  6. I have that book too. Mine is filled with post it note markers on all the "someday" projects I am going to make. I have already done a couple from it. I highly doubt I will live long enough to do them all.
    I was in Denver last weekend too. :-D I went to the Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival on Saturday.