27 September 2007

Call the Quilt Police!

I've broken another rule!

I wrote to Don Henley (of The Eagles) requesting permission to use the title of a song that he wrote. It is for that challenge quilt. I kinda, sorta want to enter it into some quilt shows. I'm not going to wait any longer than Oct 1. In my head, I have already redesigned what I need to change so I have no copyright infringement. But really, that title and line from the song are the inspiration for the whole quilt. I guess I can put that the inspiration came from his song in the artist's statement.

So, to be able to finish the quilt I had to break another rule. I found a little quilt shop in Delaware that still had yardage of the polka dot fabric. It's an April Cornell line: Sonnet. Can you see the polka dot fabric in the center of the tin? I ordered another yard of the stuff and it came yesterday.

Here's what I plan to do. I am going to remove the 6" border that the letters are on on 3 sides of the quilt. This will also necessitate unstitching part of a hand on the central figure. Re-design by the seat of your pants. Not the first time, prolly won't be the last time.


  1. You're unfinishing a finished top?! The nerve. Well, hopefully you will keep the quilt police busy enough to stay away from my doorstep.

  2. Send me their number... I am so calling the quilt police, I hear far too much undoing going on....

  3. LOL...I'm sure the quilt police are going to be knocking on your door soon. Hopefully you hear from Don Henley. (I hear he's actually a really nice guy)