15 September 2007

Mattress Stitch

Did that catch your attention? Do you know what it is? It is an invisible stitch used in knitting to seam two pieces of stockinette knitted items. In my case, it is a shell that I knitted this summer and just never got around to seaming it up. Knitty.com has an excellent tutorial on how to do this stitch. It is very eye intensive so I have to take frequent breaks, hence my posting to my blog. I'm calling this shell/tank top the cantaloupe top because of it's colors. O and just disregard the mismatched stripes. Believe it or not, it doesn't bother me. Just call me a rebel. But really, I think it was the way the yarn was dyed. Some of it matched in striping and some of it didn't *shrug*. I think it will probably be worn under a blazer anyway.

I've been thinking about the question JudyL posed about how much a family spends on food. I looked in my money management software and realized that I spend a lot more than she does monthly. But then, I live in an area of the country that has a much higher cost of living than she does. I wonder if she is taking that into account if she is tabulating the answers?

While CarGuy is away, I am taking the opportunity to finish up some projects that for some reason turned into UFOs. I'm not talking quilting either - those projects are ongoing. I'm talking gardening, knitting, and cleaning. Yes, cleaning. It's fall and I do a lot of deep cleaning at this time of year before the furnace gets turned on. Next on the list? Bring in the shop vac and vacuum the cobwebs and inhabitants out of the basement. Ugh. I used to have to set off bug bombs but since I started vacuuming them up I haven't had to set a bug bomb yet. It's a much more environmentally friendly thing to do, at least for MY health maybe not theirs.


  1. Hey- I'm a 'fall cleaner' too. Like everything neat and orderly before I tuck myself in the house *s*
    We don't really monitor our grocery shopping, but I'm sure we spend more than is honestly economical for a household of two. Making up for the years when we watched every penny, I guess.

  2. I try to clean all year around - although it does come in spurts. I do like to clean before it gets cold too though.
    My groceries aren't as bad as my relatives - since I do buy what's on sale and little else, but I am trying to cut that down too.

  3. I hate bugs! You want to borrow a boy - they love to pick them up and chase me with them.... but yes - today is deep clean vacumn day for us too.... must be the weather! Have fun!

  4. I like fall cleaning too. It's nice to have everything cleaned and organized before coming inside for the winter. My DH is going out of town next week and I plan to take full advantage. Whohooo!!