24 September 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays

I woke up to rain this morning. Now you must understand that I live in an arid climate which, in fact, is a high plains desert. This photo was taken from the guest room window and is untouched except for fiddling with the size as I didn't think posting a giganormous photo was appropriate. Just as I pressed the shutter release the sun poked his head between two layers of clouds and made some of the raindrops on the window sparkle. When I left for work Quilter's Pond was overflowing it's banks. What is Quilter's Pond? The landscaping in front of the house has a swale. The concrete driveway dips into the swale and, unfortunately, we will have to have it jackhammered one of these days as the moisture is making the concrete peel. But anyway, when we get rain it is usually gully-washers (you have to watch out for flash floods in this area). And Quilter's Pond only appears when it rains. Once we jackhammer out the driveway and put a culvert in, I think Quilter's Pond will disappear altogether.

On a quilting note, I worked on Sheryl's quilt a bit on Saturday and then again on Sunday. I only have a couple of more rows to put together and then borders. I'm debating with myself on the borders. I'm beginning to not like slab-a-border, but I will have to see how much of what fabric I have leftover and also make a decision on what to use for binding. But it's coming right along. What a pain matching the seams has turned out to be. On some of them I have taken it apart and re-sewn three times. I have a 3 strikes you're out rule: I will only redo something 2 times (plus the original equals 3 times) and then it either gets trashed or, in this case, left in because I know I don't have enough of the original fabric to redo the blocks. But, hopefully, I'll be able to post a photo of it by the end of the coming weekend.

Rant: why do manufacturers change a good thing? Case in point: I opened a can of sliced black olives to add to a salad I make with pineapple and grapes. As I'm draining it I'm thinking "What are these red things?" I looked at the can and read "Now with add jalapeƱos!" Jalapenos? In my salad? I don't think so. I put them in a bowl and checked the pantry. I had 2 more cans and one of them had the jalapeƱos. I changed the menu for tonight's supper so I could use up the opened can of them. But really, you gotta read everything! It's no wonder I hate to grocery shop.


  1. That is a great photo.

    Oliv enjoy grocery shopping as much as I used to. There are simply too many choices in a grocery store these days. UGH!

    Can't help you on the dues. I don't belong to the local guild.

  2. I wasn't familiar with the term swale. Do you have a photo of it when it's full?