07 December 2007

One, Two, Three

thirty-four, thirty-five, thirty-seven. O ratz!

One, two, three, four... three hundred fifty four, what did you say? O ratz!

One, two, three... why are there so many numbers on the news this morning?

One, two, three, four, five... maybe if I put a stitch marker after every 100 stitches I won't have to start over all the time.

One, two... three hundred seventy seven. Ratz, I've got a stitch missing. I'll have to unknit a row.

...three hundred seventy seven. Where is that stitch?

...three hundred seventy seven. I'll have to unknit a third row. Gosh, for only being a 4 row repeat lace pattern I sure am having a hard time keeping track of my stitches. And it isn't a pattern that I can fudge on either.

One, two, three...there's that rascally stitch! Ack, I had to unknit five rows!


  1. You have to count stuff? Now I know I'll never be a knitter, for sure *s*

  2. Poor girl! This is why I beg my daughter to knit my knitty things, LOL. I quilt for her, she knits for me...fair trade if you ask me! LOL, nearly choked on the price of some gorgeous wool yarn today, who knew? I fell in love before I saw the price and figured out that I need three...oh dear. Can't wait for my big Lucy Bag! Happy knitting, counting and stitch pulling. :) Still LOVE your blog header!

  3. LOL I remember those days well - the counted cross stitch. I could never get it right, but then I figure as long as it looks reasonably like the picture, it is okay.

  4. Now I remember the reason why I never took to knitting!

  5. Oh yeah -- lots and lots of fun! (I highly recommend the stitch markers every 100 so you can keep your sanity!)

  6. Remember lots of stich markers and don't forget a "lifeline" also. I had started a "Creatures of the Reef" shawl and not finished it. It is also a big cast on pain.
    Keep counting, and counting..I love the pic on your blog top.

  7. Ha! and that is why I am a knitting failure!! I start out with 50 and end with 25.... sigh


  8. you had to unknit FIVE rows????
    Erlack! I guess there was no way you could just say "eh, close enough"? I tried to knit when I was a teenager, all I ever succeeded at making was a few rhombus's, obviously I didn't catch on to the whole unknitting thing when stitches got dropped. I am totally impressed by anyone who can knit.

  9. So frustrating, isn't it? I had to laugh though, because I'm terrible at keeping count. I have to make little marks on the pattern or I wouldn't have a clue. Then I can't remember if I made the mark for the last row, so off we go again!

  10. THANK YOU! I've been getting a bit jealous of all the knitted and crochet things on the web. Been thinking bad thoughts like maybe I should do this again.....you reminded me of one of those reasons why I quit!! I love, love looking at your finished projects so I'll leave the counting to you!!