21 January 2008



I bet you thought I was going to say Posts, huh? Well I'll take the opportunity to tell you that if you haven't signed up for the giveaway drawing I mention in this post, you still have time. The drawing is on 31 January. Remember, only comment on that post to be eligible for the drawing. Not that you can't comment on any post I write, you can! I love comments. O, BTW, there are some new-to-me commenters and I just want to remind you to make sure I have your email addy just in case you win the drawing.

You know what that is in the photo? It is 317 4-patches. That is what I did yesterday. This started as a leader/ender project (from Bonnie at Quiltville) and I had all these 2-patches so I sewed them together into 4-patches. I need to dig out all the half-square triangle blocks made from bonus triangles and see how many and what size they are so I can combine them with these. I do need to cull some of the blocks since the majority are what you see here: kinda country/primitive. But toward the bottom of the piles are some brighter ones made with WOW fabric and I think I could get a whole 'nother top from those!

It is so bitterly cold today, that I'm wearing my silk long underwear. I love these! Have you ever tried them? Warm, soft and O so sensual feeling. I have the plain ole boring white, but the red ones I linked to are calling my name. Stop it! I only need one pair!

I was give the one finger salute in Denver on Saturday. Don't know what that is? Other terms: flipped off, given the bird, given the finger. Why? I was in traffic on Colorado Blvd really close to downtown Denver stopped at a stop light. I was behind a truck and a small silver Hyundai was behind me. I guess I didn't start up fast enuff or try to crawl up the tailpipe of the truck for the kid behind me because he darted out from behind me into the left hand lane cutting off the guy in that lane. As he pulled up beside me he flipped me off and then sped up the car length between himself and the car in front. I tried to ignore it and I should try to develop a thicker skin, but you know, it kinda hurt my feelings. Rude people. O well, *shrug*. It's sad, but that is the type of drive that will end up wrapped around a light pole some day.

Auntie is loving her new space. She had me hanging pictures on the walls on Saturday. And made me show her how to use the microwave again. So I fixed us both a cup of tea and we shared the bag of M&Ms I brought for her.

Tonight is the meeting of my small quilt group and we get the next installment of the BOM. Stay tuned.


  1. I've thought about starting one of those leader/ender projects. how long did it take you to get 600!! two patches together??

  2. Umm -- 300 four patches? WOW!

  3. So tell me about this leader/ender . . . do you just keep pre-cut fabrics next to your machine to run through rather than a little scrap when you are done chain piecing? All those little patches look like a lotta fun *s*

  4. It's getting much colder here - and today we have snow.
    300 four patches look good - I bet you didn't do them only as leaders and enders though to get that many done!
    People who drive like that - I'd rather have them in front of me where I can watch out for them. My new mantra for people like that "I'm glad I'm not a driver's ed instructor."

  5. I've never seen long silk underwear before and I'm sure I could use some of those. It's been cold lately

  6. Wow, a lot of those little fellers! and they look so good. My husband always pulls out his silk long handles about this time too. Although you are muuuuuch colder than we are!


  7. That's a lot of 4 patches and 300 is a lot of posts - well done. I suggest next time you get given a rude gesture smile sweetly at them and wave back in a friendly ( normal ) way and they just can't understand why you are being so nice! They also probably think bugger it didn't upset them .