29 January 2008

Did you miss me?


I've been doing other stuff. Want to see? Does anyone know anything about china? I've been busy cataloging Auntie's china. This is a saucer from a tea set circa 1950? My father brought it home and gave it to Auntie. There is, of course, a tea pot, cups, saucers, creamer, and sugar bowl in a place setting of 6. It's beautiful. I know nothing about china and have been doing online research. O. My. And Auntie has several more different sets plus crystal.


O. And let's not forget the demitasse cup and saucer collection. Lots of small cups and saucers. Now all safely cataloged and wrapped in tissue and in a box.

And in a shameless plug: you still have a bit of time before Jan 31 (USA) to leave a comment on the post about my 300th Post for the giveaway. It's going to be fun! I've already got several items that I'll be sending to one lucky person.


  1. Have you checked out replacements.com to put a value on the china? We did that with my mom's Noritake set and figured out the entire set is worth about $2,000.

    Auntie's china is gorgeous! Is it going to stay in the family?

  2. Pretty china!! I end up using my cheap Correll, but have nice sets that are many years old that I drag out for special.... Lots of work girl!! trying to tie all her things up.

  3. That is gorgeous china. I'm no expert but I'd say it's worth a mint.

  4. It is a very pretty saucer. I know very little about china but we have a few sets tucked away inherited from elderly aunts and it is so nice to looks at them from time to time. Is that gold leaf on it? We have an old set of Ansley with blue and gold that we saw a similar pattern for sale few years ago in San Fransisco for $600.00 a place setting!! I would think that tea set would be worth an awful lot with that amount of gold leaf on it. It is so pretty!!

  5. The china looks great.
    Today I got your package in the mail and it is just a gorgeous quilt. Thanks so much.

  6. Day late and a dollar short . . . yep, that's me. I was also going to suggest replacements.com
    The pattern on Auntie's set it just beautiful. Are you going to keep it in the family? It might make a lovely wedding gift one day when TheKid takes TheBride *S*

  7. Wow! Is that china beautiful!

  8. Very regal looking china! I think it should be used and enjoyed. I have a table clothe that would look fabulous with those dishes. Hmmm...