16 February 2008

On the Design Wall

I actually got some sewing and knitting accomplished today. Hurray! It started early this morning when I decided that the scarf I was knitting needed to be a much looser gauge so I frogged it and started over with a much larger needle size (8 --> 10.5). It is looking so much nicer and might actually drape around a neck now. *s*

After doing a bit of housework I wandered into the sewing room which is right next to the laundry. Whilst (gotta love those pronunciations from across the pond) doing several loads of laundry I played with these blocks. Remember them? They are from the siggy block exchange last year? Was it last year? I've been fiddling with them and I think I've got them the way I'm going to set them. Sashing? Nope, I like the graphic-ness of this set. I will need to see if all of them are the same size, add some setting triangles on the edges and voila! it will be ready to sandwich and quilt. This is going to cover the window in my basement sewing room.

I also started a small quilt from a kit I purchased from the LQS. It has pumpkins. And a blackbird. I started to prep the appliqué portion of it and ended up machine buttonholing around the pieces. So now I'm ready to make the small blocks.

Tomorrow it's off to Denver-town to work on moving the Bradford Exchange plates from the condo to Auntie's new space. I've got the vinyl covered wire shelf for the closet to install and then I can store the plates up there for her. I'm getting closer to getting all the things moved over to her new space.

I've gotten my Homespun BOM done for March. It was my turn to choose and present the block. Our meeting is Monday night so I'll post the pick sometime next week.

Our group also decided to do another charity quilt this year. After the problems last year (we won't go into that here) I suggested we do a string quilt like the HeartStrings blocks. Mainly because there are some new sewers (not only quilters) in the group and I think the string block will be easy for them to do. I am also going to supply and cut the foundation blocks, so I'll be able to bust a bit of stash at the same time. Woo hoo!


  1. I like the way you set those blocks. If I am the chair of the "outgoing president quilt" then I might just use this. Good idea for the string blocks... and good way to bust some stash.

  2. I love the way those siggie blocks go together. You're right. They don't need sashing.

    Have fund stash busting.

  3. All sorts of quilty happenings going on with you. I like that arrangement as well. I have a whole bunch of signature squares I need to do something with, but there are many more quilts in line before that one.

  4. I love the heartstrings quilt idea. You are so productive.

  5. Oh you are quite clever to suggest the string blocks for the charity quilt . . . it really is a perfect block for every level of quilter.
    Hope Auntie is settling in well at her new place. I'm sure she will enjoy your time together and having a few more of her beloved pieces with her *s*

  6. Those siggy blocks look great and so does the quilt of valor donation. Love the idea of using a string quilt for your charity project -- much easier than the raffle quilt my guild just finished. Wooo Hooo for quilting and knitting!

  7. I like the signature blocks set together that way. Lovely!

  8. I like your setting for the siggy blocks. You QOV quilt is great too.