11 February 2008

Stash Report

I had some goals for the weekend, but they went out on the wind. It has been windy here and that is a major understatement. CarGuy and TheKid had to go to Gunnison last Thursday. Now, I will tell you that the fastest way to get there is over Kenosha Pass. If you follow the link, it will tell you that it is an easily traveled highway. That is unless the wind is gusting at 109 mph: Kenosha was closed. The guys had to backtrack 1.5 hours and go west on I-70, through the Eisenhower Tunnel (I suggest you click that link because it is a highway cam), to Leadville (remember Molly Brown and the Baby Doe mine?) over Fremont Pass, south to Buena Vista and then west over Monarch Pass. That is a lot of high country driving in the cold and blowing snow. What normally is a 4.5 hour drive from our house took them 7 hours. CarGuy said it was the most brutal driving conditions he has ever experienced. You must realize that the portion from Leadville to Buena Vista covers a lot of the Continental Divide. And then they were stuck in Gunnison until Saturday.

So where am I going with this? I, of course, had to work on Thursday and Friday but I could see a day spent sewing on Saturday. Nope, didn't happen. That wind I spoke of? I had such a sinus headache on Saturday, I couldn't even stand up. I'm still feeling the effects. I get like this when the wind blows. *sigh* It's almost a migrane.

And the stash busting? I figured up that I have actually used about 1000 grams of yarn from my stash since January 1. That equates to 2 hats, 3 scarves, and 7 pairs of mittens. Whew! I'm on a roll. I want to use up all the miscellaneous skeins of yarn so I can concentrate on fingering yarn, you know sock yarn.


  1. *sheesh* I would never survive . . . it's true that we don't know how to drive in the rain around here. I have heard a rumor that there is a good spot to pick up vintage fabrics in Leadville *s*

  2. Ouch -- we get bad winds here (50-60mph is high, but not really uncommon), but that is a bit much. Hope your head is feeling better and that you were able to do something you enjoy :0).

  3. I think I would have driven back home, and stayed there until the winds died down. I hope you are feeling better.

  4. Ugh..Sinus headaches, you have my sympathy! I usually get them after storms, on the next bright sunny day.
    Hope your better

  5. 1000 grams - not being a knitter & not entirely sure where you were going, after reading about your migraine (hope you feel better) I thought for sure you were going to say Asprin (as in 1000 grams of asprin).