29 February 2008

7 Things Times Three

I have been tagged by The Calico Quilter for the 7 things meme. I went searching in my archives and dug this meme up not once, not twice but three other times. And so, for your reading pleasure I give you 7 more facts and 21 previous facts. *g*. OK, let's see...
  1. When CarGuy and I go on a road trip, I'm the driver. It has always been this way. For some reason, I do especially well in city traffic. *shrug* And since I'm the driver, I sometimes have this longing to be a passenger.
  2. My mother, my mother's mother, my mother's mother's mother, my mother's sisters, my mother's mother's sisters, my father's mother and my father's mother's sister all plied their needles with extraordinary beauty. Some were quilters, some were embroiderers, some were knitters and some were crocheters, but all were excellent needleworkers.
  3. I broke my ankle in high school schussing down a ski trail. I hit an icy patch and BAM! down I went. My binding did not release. After the ankle healed I couldn't ski downhill again -- I had/have a major phobia about it. But, conversely, I can ski down a hill on cross country skis. It's all in my mind. I know this. Now I am a member of the Broken Bones Club and have the patch for my jacket to prove it.
  4. About pierced ears: I have 3 holes in one ear and 2 in the other. That 5th hole was supposed to be for the single earrings that remained after losing one of a pair. But you know what? I don't lose earrings so I don't have a single earring from a lost pair. That's not to say I don't have single earrings, I do. Plantwoman and I sometimes split the price of a pair of earrings and each take one of the pair. But I don't wear the singles like that. I've been known to wear 5 distinctly different earrings at the same time with not a one matching.
  5. I used to wait table. And I was damned good at it too! I could carry 6 breakfast platters in my arms sans tray. I had calluses all up and down my arms and hands from carrying those hot plates. My brother, WoodWorker, still thinks that I purposely gave him the chocolate syrup instead of ketchup for his hamburger. You know those red squeeze bottles for ketchup? At the cafe we kept the chocolate syrup in one of those bottles with the lettering removed. I didn't do it intentionally, I promise! We had a new girl who put the chocolate away with the ketchup the night before, not knowing about that one teeny tiny little fact.
  6. I retired from the high-tech industry after 28.5 years and stayed retired for 3 months. I went out and got the job I currently hold: girl Friday to a bronze sculptor.
  7. I almost have a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) with an emphasis in Office Management; I almost have a BA (Bachelor of Arts) with an emphasis in English. What I do have is an AA (Associate of Arts) with an emphasis in Graphic Design. I just couldn't make up my mind what to study. And every time I changed schools, I changed my major. Will-'o-the-wisp that's me.
Here are the one's from the archives:
  1. Really, I do not like TV. There, I've said it. I think it is such a brain drain.
  2. I can pretty much understand Spanish but I cannot speak it.
  3. I have never lived by myself. I've always had someone around.
  4. My current favorite genre of books is Mystery.
  5. I love trivia. I like to play Trivial Pursuit and am quite good at it.
  6. I am learning how to throw things away.
  7. I can't have tattoos because of my allergy to food and drug dyes. But I can have piercings. I've keep the piercings to my ears.
  8. I have a motorcycle license. No motorcycle, just the license. It's a hold over from when we did have a motorcycle. It was a 1976 Harley Davidson FLH Dresser - Police Parade Special.
  9. In that same vein, I can drive a 4x4 up the side of a mountain and heel and toe with the best of them. What is heel and toe you ask? Well, aside from being a dance move in square dancing, it's when your left foot is on the clutch and your right toe is on the brake and your right heel is on the accelerator.
  10. I used to smoke cigarettes. I quit on my birthday in 1999. Now I'm a smoker's worst nightmare. It's true, what they say -- "An ex-smoker is worse than a non-smoker".
  11. I have a highly developed olfactory sense. I should have worked in a perfume company. For years, I dulled that sense (see #10). But now it's back. I can smell things that elude a normal person's smell. Skunks are my nemesis, but that's a story that I might tell another day.
  12. I also have hearing like a dog's. I can't hear the bass notes very well so I'm always turning it up. And those high notes! Ack! they hurt my ears. I've been tested and I have a normal range but it is shifted to the high end. When silent burglar alarms came out in the 1960's I couldn't get near them because the frequency hurt! I can 'hear' things that normal hearing misses. It drives me nuts.
  13. And another physical trait of mine is static electricity. Lots. I'm like a generator for static electricity. Whenever I get close to electronics or even something like a vacuum cleaner I need to discharge. I usually touch something metal like a file cabinet before I sit down at the computer so I don't zap the electronics. I make sure to wear shoes with soles when I vacuum other wise I get shocked in the soles of my feet. I have killed more inanimate 'stuff' because of this. If I were a super-hero I'd be Electric Girl!
  14. I can draw a straight line. I started this post with a line drawing of my house. (You will have to dig back in the archives for the foto.) I did this in the early 1980's for a college drawing class. I took my chair out to the front yard and sketched the house. As I drew it up inside at the kitchen table, I would dash outside, squat down and look at the perspective again. The house has changed quite a bit since this drawing. It was lucky that I scanned this in when my scanner was still working. Had to do it in halves and then stitch it together, that's why the two sides are a bit different in value.
  15. I have a motorcycle license. No motorcycle but I am legal to drive one. It's a hold over from when we did have a motorcycle. (2 mentions of this. I'm repeating myself)
  16. I can hear the mosquito ring tones the kids like to use. It actually hurts my ears. Conversely, I have a hard time hearing bass tones (like CarGuy's voice). And loud noises are not great either.
  17. I didn't have a best friend until I was a newlywed. If she didn't live in Wyoming, PlantWoman and I would be inseparable.
  18. I have lived in South Carolina and Florida but have never even visited the northeast US states. How sad is that? I would love to see New England in the fall. We don't get that kind of color out here in the west.
  19. And speaking of the west, I am a fourth generation Colorado pioneer descendant. TheKid is the fifth generation. We should get an award or something since we are still in Colorado and haven't moved.
  20. I love organization. In fact, upon my first retirement, I contemplated starting my own organization business. I am ruthless about this type of thing. It comes from my background, I suppose. As a child, we moved a lot. There were weight limits, so you chose what to take and what to leave behind.
  21. I am bored with cooking. I wish I had a personal chef or maybe eat out all the time. CarGuy hates change so I cook the same things over and over. Bah. I want to experiment and try new recipes.

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  1. Thank you, Paula, for playing along. I love to read all these facts about the blog-writers I follow; it puts a body to the voice.

  2. This is great -- fun to read! :)

  3. Fun facts!! I have the motorcycle but no license! Thank you for sharing about yourself. I was forbidden to pierce my ears growing up...but did so secretly..twice!! and rarely wear any earrings at all.
    How is that for silly?

  4. I've enjoyed learning even more about you. I think you're lucky that it was your brother and not some other customer that got to taste your special chocolate burger.
    Here most people just steal the one earring. During the rare times I look at earrings at a store, there are usually a couple of packets that only have one earring left. I like the buying and sharing idea better myself.
    The fifth generation Coloradon thing - you might not get an award, but if you contact the local genealogy society, I get there is a special club for people like you.

  5. The static electricity thing cracked me up. I have that problem, too, but not as badly as you seem to. I used to work in a library, pushing a big metal cart around and returning books to metal shelves. I was always shocking the whiz out of myself when the heel of my hand brushed the bottom edge of the shelf while putting up a book. Different clothes, different shoes, nothing helped. Snap!

    My last cat caught on to the shock thing and almost dreaded my touch. In cold weather when the static is so much worse, she would crinkle up her little face and wince when I reached down to pet her, anticipating the zap. But she didn't move away. Loyal girl!

  6. Hey - I have 5 earring holes with a similar saga - started with 2, too normal - added a third. Tired of people saying 'You lost an earring!' and added a fourth. Felt too symmetrical and added the fifth. Now only wear one pair in second set of holes - maybe I need another hole in my head *s*

  7. #3 broke ankle skiing! I did that in HS too! First and only time on skis! Never went back, I took it as an omen!

    BTW I am always a passenger but would sometimes like to be the driver. My DH can make me a little nervous sometimes!

    thanks for sharing!

  8. I always drive when we are on vacation or in a new town. DH has a vision problem that doesn't keep him from driving, but when we are in a strange place it's a lot easier for me to do the driving.

  9. Wow that is quite a list. I feel like I know you better than most of the men I dated before my husband!!

  10. Fun stuff! Your stitching gene was inherited!

  11. I always love reading these -- interesting facts to learn :0). Thanks for sharing!