19 March 2008

My new iron

OK. Here's another glamorous post about irons and ironing boards. *grin*

On March 3, Su Bee over at Pieces of Time asked us about our irons. She is on the never ending quest for the perfect iron. Been there.

As you can see, I currently own three irons. It formerly was four but I just threw one out. I had duplicates of the center iron,which is the one I use all the time, but one of them hit the floor. It is a Black & Decker Classic. I just love the weight of it. The white on on the right ( a Panasonic) has a beautiful point for getting into tight little areas, has a good weight but shuts off after 7 minutes. Ugh. The one on the left is my new one. It is a dry iron and is a Continental Platinum (?). I was surprised at how light it is!

When I am stitching on quilt blocks I do press in the up and down motion, really I do. But I must not lift the iron high enough because the steam holes on the B&D and the Panasonic just grab those little corners and crumple them up. That's why I bought the new Continental iron.

Just look at the size of those steam holes!

I'll report back on the new iron.

I think my spray bottle will become my new best friend.


  1. The holes are a problem for me, too -- and I always use a spray bottle instead of putting water into the iron. Please keep us posted on how the new iron works out because I love the idea of no holes.

  2. Hi Paula, just popping in to say hello and thank you for a nice welcome back.
    Great display of irons. Mostly I'm curious about the non-steam iron. I think I have one too of the same vintage, not sure of the name tho. I'll have to look. Is yours quite abit smaller than the newer irons?
    Love the quilt on the bed in the post about laundry *VBS* Hugs, Finn

  3. Spray bottle for me also. Love the quilt!

  4. I like to keep water in my iron just to add to the heft of it - of course, it's there and warmed up if I require steam. But I usually keep a bottle of spray starch nearby if I really want to spritz. Being a true do-it-yourselfer, I mix my own starch rather than use the aerosol variety . . . which helps me be 'green' at the same time *s*

  5. I think I have found my new iron... please sned me the dretails on where I might be able to buy one... (The one without steam holes.)

  6. That Black and Decker one keeps sounding like the ticket for me, if it's old enough to not shut off automatically. Thanks for sharing! I can't wait to hear how the slick one works out.......

  7. Thanks for the iron tutorial! I didn't even know they made a "dry iron". I'm gonna have to get me one of those, because I'm always finding dead bugs in my iron water reservoir. Really disgusting. Bugs climb in there to get a drink and can't get out. I can't get them out either, so I just have to watch them float around and rot in the little reservoir window. Oh...sorry...too much information? But you can see why I'd be interested in a sealed, dry iron!

  8. I don't use steam, since I have the cheapest, hottest Walmart iron around! Until I dash it to the floor accidentally and have to get another one, which happens kind of too frequently...

  9. Anonymous6:37 AM

    I love irons!! I have several an really love my Rowenta Focus. It has a very long point to get into tight areas and really puts out the steam when I want it to. I also have an old wooden ironing board and would never give that up. It is a dream to press on. Thanks for the tutorial!!

  10. That automatic turnoff - it gives me a "little edge" while sewing!

    Will I get this line of chain stitching BEFORE the iron turns off? LOL!