04 April 2008

How To Tighten Up Your Purl Stitches

I am so excited!

I just learned how to tighten up my purl stitches in knitting. I have always silently hated my purl stitches because they were so loose. I tried all kinds of ways to tighten them. Who knew that all it would take is a video published by Cat Bourdhi on youtube.com? I watched it over and over with needles and yarn in hand. The stitch is actually the Norwegian Purling method, if I'm not mistaken. If you follow this last link, go almost to the bottom of the page.

Woohoo! Onward!

P.S. Sorry about turning on comment verification, but I've a couple of strange comments lately that I've had to delete.


  1. you are a step ahead of me, I can't get the knit stitches off the needle once I cast them on. SAD!!! Knitting makes me swear.

  2. Knitting continues to be a mystery to me . . . but I think that is how The Princess knits *s*

  3. How interesting, I have never seen anything like this!!!
    I am a very loose knitter, this will come in handy.

  4. WOW, so many ways to purl, who would have thought! Angela is lucky to get your Fall 4SSQ. It is very nice. Take care.

  5. Well, Paula, I still can't knit, so I am in awe of anyone who can actually purl!!

  6. That is a TREASURE! Thank you for posting it. I need all the help I can get. In fact, I need a S&B so I can get help from others, period. Ok, gotta find the hours for that now.