21 May 2008

ALQS Sneak Peek and other Wednesday Happenings

Here is a teaser for the quilt I am making for Another Little Quilt Swap. I have been working diligently and it is actually quilted now. In fact, all I have left to do is bind it and label it. I have enjoyed the research and the 'stretch' this little quilt has made me do. I do not know if you do this, but in the swaps in which I participate, I stalk my swap partner. What I mean by that, is I read her blog and look at her flickr site(s) to discern likes, dislikes, style, etc. This little quilt is basically an abstraction of one photo that I saw on my partner's blog. I hope she likes it.

In other news, I have been working on the PI shawl. O. My. I have to unknit about every third row. What made me think that I could knit lace? I had this same problem when I knit this item. I guess I really need NO distractions when I knit lace. But sometimes that doesn't even help because I find my mind wandering and then Oops! there is a mistake about 3 rounds back.

I started riding my bicycle to work again this week. Remember how far it is? It is 10 miles (16 km) round trip. It felt good to be moving again. I have been sedentary for far too long. I guess I subconsciously felt that if CarGuy couldn't do it (move around, walk, etc) then I wouldn't do it. I need to change that way of thinking because it really, really felt good to exercise. Now how often do you hear that? I cut my riding time by five minutes this morning. This is a good thing because it means that I'm not coasting as often. But the bike needs to go to my peeps at the shop to get the front brakes adjusted. Boy are they loud!

Have any great and exciting plans for the weekend? Me? I'm going to finish up a paving project TheKid started, reconfigure two zones of a drip irrigation system, plant some tomatoes, chop down some weeds and tall grasses and other assorted garden stuff. Once I get the bag of sand for the paving project out of the back of the truck, the pop-up camper can go onto the bed of the truck for the summer. Then I can mow the grass and weeds in the back section. It's one of those domino effects, you know. This can't happen until that happens which can't happen because this other thing didn't get done. I hope that by the end of the weekend I not only will be caught up with the yarden but be a slight bit ahead. Does that ever happen?

If I have any time left over, I do want to get the binding done on the ALQS quilt. And make a bag. I warm up for free-motion quilting on a fairly large quilt sandwich which is almost covered and decided that my practice pieces like this would make excellent quilted bags and use up stash! Maybe I'll have something to show by Monday or Tuesday next week.


  1. And I thought my little flower bed was work. Ye gods, woman, how much property do you have to keep up? Sounds like a full time job! I once remarked to my neighbor while we were both mowing that if this was what it took to keep a yard I was going to get an estimate on 2/3 acre of Sears' best indoor-outdoor carpet. I am SO not a gardener.

  2. I like the idea of using practice pieces for bags! You are a smarty!!

  3. A stalker, eh? Well, I can't wait to see the reveal of this piece.
    No one around here likes to tend to the grass - so we have a guy that does 'mow, blow and go' every week. The last time I used the mower, I ended up in the ER for stitches in my head (don't ask) and now am forever excused from the chore *s*

  4. Well, I like the sneak peek a lot, and imagine I'll really really like the whole thing! Kind of fun to figure out someone else's style.

    I am not at all a gardener, but sometimes I have to get out there. My husband counted 8 rabbits in our yard this evening. Maybe if they eat everything, I won't have much to do!

  5. Gotcha...sounds like you've got a plan of attack for the yard work. I love my yard and gardens and look forward to the task each spring. This year I swear I will not add another garden that needs tending! I swear!! I need more quilting time. :)

  6. My goodness, I got pooped just reading that! You are going to be a very busy woman this weekend!
    How fun to ride your bike to work! I need to get a better bike, mine is not a very good fit for me.

  7. The bike riding sounds great, I used to ride to work also.
    You are making me tired just talking about everything you are going to do.
    Keep it up on the Pi shawl, I am picking up a shawl I haven't knit on forever and I think I am going to try it with different yarn. OOOO trip to the yarn shop.

  8. love the black and white quilt! and no garden/yard work is never done. it's like laundry and dishes, once you think you have it all caught up, bam, time to mow again. time to weed again. and hmmm, if I dug up this area and planted this.............

  9. Good luck getting all of the yard work done -- me, I'm going to be trying to find a moment around here to actually get some sewing done. Amazing.

  10. OMGosh - I'm word out just reading your "to-do' list!

    It's tooooo cold now for all that outdoor exertion!

    The bl/white quilt is a teaser.

  11. wow you are one busy girl! I hope you had time to relax..and that piece of the quilt you showed, it is very nice ..what are you going to use to quilt it red or gray or teal? just wondering..