25 June 2008

Bike To Work Day

Today is the day that all the people who DON'T ride their bikes to ride their bike to work. Can you say heart attack or heat stroke? The premise is good: to get people to ride a bicycle to work for one day. But really. How many people will ride it one way and then wimp out?

Ok, enuff ranting.

I ride my bicycle to work every day I can. In fact, it is working out to be 4 out of 5 days. I ride 10 miles (16 km) round trip. My time is better from when I first started riding. It now takes me 25 minutes rather than 45 minutes. I need to figure out how much money I am saving by not consuming so much gasoline. I also spend less money shopping because, frankly, it is hard to carry items on a bicycle. I will have to do a photo journey for you one of these days on my bike route.

The picture was taken in front of my favorite book store/coffee shop, both of them independents (Anthology Book Company and The Coffee Tree) not chains. Notice the bronze cougar bench? Sculpture by Rosetta. This is the type of thing we have all over town.

Update: thanks to Iron Needles I how much I am saving.
Your Result Per Day Per Week Per Year**
Possible savings: $7.30 $29.20 $1,460.00
Calories burned: 360 calories 1,440 72,000
calories calories
Reduction in carbon 0.51 lbs 2.05 lbs 102.40 lbs
monoxide emissions:

** Based on a 50-week work year.


  1. Try this website for logging miles and estimating money saved/calories burned.

    I have ridden to work during the good months for the last 3 years, doing about 900/yr. I have just logged over 350 miles for this year, having started a little earlier.

    Love your quilting.

  2. I've got photos taken from my daily bike rides!!!Just haven't had a chance to post. You most definitely need to calculate the savings and treat yourself to something.

  3. I am jealous! I would love to ride my bike to work but the super highway is pretty dangerous. I do try to ride it on the days I am home to do my errands. I really miss my hometown of Boston. perfect for bike riding!

  4. I would love to go on a bike tour with you! Especially if I don't have to ride mine!

  5. Congrats on riding your bike to work!

  6. Plus you are building up muscles and burning off fat. What an added bonus!

  7. I think more folks are turning to their bikes and motorcycles. I spoke with someone at work yesterday, he has gone from spending $50+ on gas each week to $8 per week riding a motorcycle. Not sure I am ready for that just yet, but I should would like to go single digit weekly gas price.

    I am so sorry about your friend.

  8. Yay!! That's great! When I was training for a 60-mile walk, I sometimes walked 3.5 miles each way to work and it was great! I was in a better mood when I got to work and somehow I felt more connected to my town.

  9. My brother often rides his bike to work and has been doing so for a long time, long before the current gas-saving idea came along. He did it for pleasure and the rewards of not sitting in slow traffic on his commute. I applaud you for your choice.

  10. Way to go biker girl! You must be feeling in top condition too. Thanks for the mention of the bookstore and coffee shop. I especially like that it's local, not a chain store. The red fox sculpture would look awesome on my front walk! Is this by your favorite sculptor?

  11. Good job for you riding your bike to work! I am luck to ride my bike around the block, in my own defence I live on the side of a mountain so I have to go up a steep hill then back down.

  12. I own a bike but haven't been able to ride for a couple of years. We have lots of big truck traffic where I live and no other available places to ride. Maybe one day the trucks will leave...one can only hope.

  13. I wondered if you were still biking, you must have thighs of steel by now, I'm looking down at mine and they are not thighs of steel at all.

  14. Oregon is a super biking state, I think Portland holds some kind of record and Eugene, which is hosting the Olympic Track and Field Trials has a locked area for hundred of bikes you can rent and cycle to and from your hotel with. It was 100º this past weekend...I think it would take more than buns of steel, super abs, and thigh master thighs to survive that! But I sure admire those of you who do!!!! Must be those special socks of yours ;)