26 July 2008

Approaching Lavender

I really do not know where the week has gone! It has just sped by.

I have been out in the yarden catching up on dead-heading the flowers. The carnations are the worst ones because there are hundreds of dead flower heads to be removed. At least with lavender you can use the dried ones in sachets and potpourris. I have always wanted to make some Lavender Wands but never think of it in time. Lavender grows exceedingly well in my garden and therefore I have a lot. The bees are happy because there is a lot of nectar in lavender flowers.

One batch of company has left and I'm getting ready for another. The sculpture show is also fast approaching. I am not looking forward to working for 12 days straight; no, indeed not. Everyone at work has this nasty summer cold except me. The guys tease me about using my disinfectant all the time, but I just look at them and ask "Who is the sick one?". Everyone, and I mean everyone at work will sit at my desk sometime during the day. My can of disinfectant spray is always close at hand. CarGuy and I are going to Denver-town today to finish up the last bits of Auntie's condo: hanging doors, cleaning the shelves in the cabinets, washing windows, etc. Then I can hand it over to a Realtor, yay!

My local yarn shop had a sidewalk sale yesterday. Yes, I indulged in a total of 9 skeins of yarn all at 50% off. I also picked up a rice basket to use as a new yarn basket beside the sofa, 20% off.

I dropped this quilt off at my long arm quilter on Thursday. Now 'dropped' is a decieving term. I have to drive about 30 miles to get to Quilted Expressions. It is a special trip, a destination if you will. Ill get the quilt back in about 3-4 weeks. I'm in no hurry. I've moved on to another project, but will return to this when it is time to do the binding.


  1. "Yarden!" I love it! Had to look up the etymology for both yard and garden and in fact they share the same root word. Too fun, I love words.

    Have a productive day. I'm sure you'll enjoying being done with the clean up.

  2. Good luck with the clean up. I hate chores. The end is in sight.

    The quilt is beautiful. The neonish with the darks. Very striking. ~ksp

  3. Stay healthy! Now is not the time to get sick. Don't work too hard during the sculpture show or cleaning your aunt's condo.

    How is your aunt doing? Is she still happy where she's living now?

  4. I just had a look through all the quilts in the gallery where you have taken yours. Quite a variety. Hope you like what she does. It's a lovely quilt so I hope you are pleased.
    I'm glad your cleaning up is nearly finished, as it can be grubby and exhausting. Stay well!

  5. I love lavender and was very surprised to see a HUGE bush of it at the Hershey Convention center today. We kept rubbing our hands on it each time we passed it.

    I can't wait to see what your long arm quilter does with that quilt!!

  6. Whew! I think I need a glass of iced tea and my comfy chair, all your activities have plum wore me out, lol. You are a busy girl! How's the biking to work going? I can picture you flying off every morning. :)

  7. I love your lavender, every time I plant it, I cannot get it to grow, I think my soil is not right for it.
    Glad you are not sick.
    Can't wait to see the quilt, all quilted.

  8. We used to have lavender - and I've made a lavender wand or two. So lovely. The only thing that bothered me about it since it was right by the sidewalk was the bees. Now the lavender is gone but the bees are on different flowers. I'm thinking about planting more lavender.

  9. Lavender grows in abundance in my yard, too *s* Love the scent when I'm out tooling around ground (oh that sounds so much more lavish than what really goes on around here!)