09 July 2008

That Wascally Wabbit!

I planted a wee vegetable garden this year. Just a couple of tomato plants, some green onions, basil and of course lettuce. And since my home is in a quasi-rural location, I knew I would have to protect it from the rabbits.

O my! we are over run with those cute little long eared fur-covered eating machines. We have no natural predators around here except hawks and I doubt if a hawk will swoop down out of the sky to nab on of these hoppers. They are almost tame, it seems, and will let you get to within 2-3 feet before they hop away switching those white cotton ball tails at you.

Back to the garden. The other evening, CarGuy helped me erect a chicken wire fence around a section of the garden that contains the lettuce which was already showing signs of being nibbled.

My reward came this morning as I stood at the kitchen window sipping my coffee and gazing out at the backyard. I saw a rabbit hop toward the garden. It got to the fence and stopped, then hopped down the fence a bit and stopped, then it hopped a bit further and stopped. Finally, it turned in what I could only assume was disgust at loosing it's free meal ticket, and hopped out of the yard.


  1. LOL...I was reading your earlier post with the very nice wall hanging from Ann, and the word verification didn't work...so, I went out and came back in and you had just posted this one.

    Great job, Ann on the wallhanging and I can see why you are so pleased to have it. Ah, such a cute bunny but can't have them eating your garden all up.

  2. *yippee* It warms my heart to know that those furry little garden stealers have been thwarted *S*

  3. LOL glad the fence worked. We have racoons in our neighborhood and they have eatten all the strawberrys just before they were ripe enough to pick.

  4. We have the cousins to your bunny living here at Stillmeadow...darn rabbits! Lucy has been keeping them in check this summer - I will not elaborate on that.

  5. Oh those rabbits, the only thing I ever had that got them to move away from my yard was a kitty. They really work well.
    And the little quilt is beautiful, I love the fall colors, they blend very nicely

  6. My solution is container gardening - or, as I call it, bucket farming. My tomato and pepper plants are safely ensconced in large tall pots that the bunny can't reach. I don't think......better go look.

  7. yeah! you outsmarted the darn bunnies! good job you!

  8. Oh, that wascally rabbit is not happy!