02 September 2008

It's for sale.

So. How was your weekend? Here in the States, it was a long three day weekend. Labor Day weekend informally signals the end of summer and the kids are going back to school, the harvest(s) have started (or ending depending on the crop). Temperature-wise it was good: not too hot, not too cold.


I actually got a lot of stuff accomplished:
• started and finished a shop sample for my LYS, Woolen Treasures. I knit up a hat that uses only 50gr of yarn. The pattern is Wavy Gravy. I am guilty of buying only 1 ball of a yarn, an addiction is similar to only buying fat quarters. Then I have to figure out how to use that one measly ball. *sigh*
• again in the knitting arena, I got a beret and fingerless mitt set started and finished. I am doing my holiday knitting right now plus busting some yarn stash. This set took a whole whopping 100gr of yarn. That's two balls.
• started another gift of a Smoke Ring in a luscious yarn by Laura Harding Yarn called Kashimer DK. It's a blend of merino wool, nylon and cashmir. Yummy.
• modified Auntie's blouse pattern a little bit more. The collar area was very fiddly so I added on to the facing. Now the facing goes all the way around and I can sandwich the collar between the facing and the blouse itself. Easy peasy. I cut out three more slickery blouses for Auntie and I am having to sew them individually instead of assembly line fashion because of their colors. They all take a different neutral thread. So I'm constructing the first one and I get to the cuff area of the long sleeve. Here is another facing and I followed the directions that had me asking "You want me to do what?"!! The first blouse was done by the pattern, but the rest won't be, because I wrote notes to myself all over the pattern directions. The next 2 blouses will have a touch of menswear sewing to that 'facing' area of the sleeve. Easy peasy.
• baked a peach cobbler from some of the fresh Palisade peaches I brought back from the Western Slope. It sure disappeared fast for only having 2 people in the house. Tonight I think I'll bake a peach pie. Gotta use up those peaches and for some reason I don't want to process them.
• I am overrun with zucchini. I only planted two plants and WOW! I've been freezing a lot of it. I've been baking bread with it. I've been gifting friends and neighbors with it.

Not a whole lot of quilt related things going on because I want to get out from under some other things first. I joined in on Finn's New Years Eve Challenge because it is a do-able challenge for me. My next post will include a list of the items I want to finish.

O and the photo of the Ford Mustang? It's for Libby, who says Muscle Cars make her heart race. This was up at the Gunnison Car Show. Look closely at the rear of the car and you see CarGuy checking it out. Libby, the car is for sale.


  1. It may be for sale, but the only offer I could afford at this point is $20 to let Hubby and I make out in the back seat *s* Thanks - I love it!

  2. Funny! That car just looks like it needs Libby at the wheel. You've been busy. Can we see one of Auntie's blouses?

  3. I agree - Libby should be behind the wheel of that car. You did have a busy weekend. Good job!

  4. gosh too bad you haven't been too busy or anything! sheesh! did you at leaset eat a brat or burger over the weekend??? ;-)

  5. You know what they say about zucchini: in a lot of small towns no one ever locks their doors - except in August, when, if they don't, neighbors will leave zucchini for them!

  6. I used to drive old mustangs - what adventures! Shocking that they are collectors items now when back in the day - that was all I could afford, LOL!