05 December 2008

Quilt Kits


The Thanksgiving holiday came and went so fast!

CarGuy and I had an intimate dinner for two with the requisite turkey and dressing. We toasted each other with wine while indulging in our one Thanksgiving tradition: listening to Arlo Gutherie's Alice's Restaurant. (The link will take you to a new verision on YouTube.) TheKid did not come off the mountain because of a fast moving snow storm that subsequently dumped 45" of snow in the Rocky Mountains.

CarGuy helped clean up the dinner debris and followed the lead of guys everywhere after a big meal and fell asleep in the recliner. I ended up in the sewing room.

For three and a half days I cut quilt pieces. There are now quilt kits for three different QOV quilts and one commissioned king size quilt. I use the Iris Scrapbook Case, one for each quilt. There are seven Moda Red, White and Bold charm packs in the top case which will result in two quilts. The folded fabrics on the top will be for borders and bindings. The middle case has a jelly roll of the Moda Red, White and Bold and the bottom case is the commission quilt.

Precutting like this is such a timesaver.

The D9P you see on the design wall was made by the members of The Material Girls. I taught them how to make a D9P in exchange for the blocks to make up for a QOV . One of the members is a long arm quilter and will be quilting the resulting quilt which will then be given to Alycia when bound, as will the other three QOV. There were thirteen(?huh?) blocks, so with the addition of eight more and a couple of borders it will make a quilt that will meet the minimum size requirements.

Gramps' rocking chair is great to sit in and hand stitch. And hold the quilt kits at the ready.


  1. Excellent work! So much accomplished. By the by....Dearest Sister and I found the quilt/yarn shop in Vegas. We spent time there! No money, but only because we were there to support each other. WE WERE STRONG!

  2. I like how this quilt is coming together. Sounds like a great Thankgiving tradition!

  3. That is a great way to organize projects. I agree that cutting ahead of time will make the progress go much faster.

  4. I enjoy doing the same thing - cutting out my pieces and setting up project boxes. That rocking chair does look inviting!

  5. great disapearing 9 patch!! wine and turkey sounds just perfect to me!

  6. The D9P came out great! Nice to have an exchange like teaching for a donation.
    A friend of mine has a daughter who sat on the tarmac in Denver for 6-1/2 hours when the weather came through. No fun!!

  7. We went to meet the famous Alice yesterday.

  8. Sounds like an excellent way to spend the weekend. I like to precut kits too so I can sit and sew when the mood strikes me.