09 January 2009

Barn Raising

Normally thought of as a setting for a log cabin quilt, this is the name for some knitted squares. A basket full of yarn balls ranging in size from a bit larger than a golf ball up to tennis ball size necessitated finding a use for the leftover sock yarn.

Self striping sock yarn results in a barn raising pattern when knit into a square. After knitting and blocking (a really good use for a June Tailor Cut 'n Press board, BTW) the resultant square is 7.5 inches square.

This afghan, which is a very long term project, will result in a visual history of all the socks I've knitted. How kewl is that?

For blocking wires I went to my local hardware store and bought some brass acetylene welding rod in the smallest diameter. It is small enough to weave in and out of this square and as an added bonus, it does not rust. I picked up four 12" long pieces for under $5.00


  1. What a great idea. And I have lots of those balls. Will you share the pattern for the block?

  2. Very kewl indeedy!

    Alas, all my leftover yarn balls are of inconsisent variety. They sit in a wooden aspen bowl as a table decoration, much to Wonderful Guy's dismay.

  3. Perfect! Just like a scrappy quilt, it will tell a story like no other *S*

  4. Anonymous9:35 AM

    You're too clever ;D

    I'm still trying to get the hang of knitting...

    Love your new look on your header although I was totally wild about the previous photo too. Change is good though. I just went through 3changes on mine trying to find a look I'm happy with. Probably driving my readers nuts.

  5. those are pretty! it looks like a nicer version of a crocheted granny square. well, MUCH nicer. I do wish I could knit, but then I'd have another zillion projects swimming around in my head wouldn't I?

  6. I'm going through my stash, as soon as I can....I love the idea.

  7. Yes, love it! Way too kewl. I hav never seen a knitted square, please share the pattern.