29 January 2009

I have created a monster

I am still here and knitting away. I have finished one pair of tube socks and am almost finished with the house socks/slippers that will be felted to fit. Then it is on to the last pair of tube socks.

The title of this post? It refers to the fact that now SOMEONE ELSE wants a Rasta hat: the absolutely cute, darling brother-in-law of the boy who is getting the socks. He is in a band and is growing dreadlocks and wants me to make a hat for him. You can see the Rasta hat I have already made using yarn from the stash for my employer's son. His dreads are almost to his waist and really fill the hat. This new hat will have to be a bit smaller since the BIL is a new dread grower.

Update on the 4SQS5: I am now in the process of quilting it. This little quiltlet will be hard to set free. Now I know I say that for all the little ones, but it is more true for this one.


  1. wow! that is one amazing hat!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Interesting! Dread locks and big hats, something I never think of.

    I've been practicing my knitting and I am enjoying it except for sore hands. I have problems with painful muscles unfortunately but that's not going to stop me.

    I am interested in buying some wool yarn so I can knit something and felt it (like a rectangular bag made with simple knitting stitches. For fun and for practice. Do you have a favorite yet not terribly expensive brand yo would recommend? Thanks! :)

  3. What will you barter for the hat? I think you are really on to something here *s*

  4. You really are a nice person to do all that knitting for friends of friends...........