16 January 2009


Jenclair, over at Bayou Quilts, recently reorganized her bulletin board. I thought that was a good idea so I went into the sewing room this morning and took this photo. But the more I stood there looking at my board the more I like it this way. In a way, it reminds me of the wall at a (former) head shop in a nearby town. This 'boutique' used the whole wall (not a board) and has not taken anything off this wall. Never. Ever. The shop has been in existence since 1969. The wall has an approximately 4" deep strata: announcements of peace marches, concerts, parties, items for sale or trade, posters of plays and events. 40 years worth -- I kid you not. I would love to dig down through the layers just to revisit. A time capsule on the wall, so to speak. But I digress. My measly little bulletin board holds some memories too. See that green & yellow flag up in the corner? That is one of two stickers I bought for my guitar case in college. In 1970. Yes, even then there was concern and awareness for the planet. Next to it is a design I made up as a patch for my blue jeans. I like to look at them so I keep them fairly cleaned off.

There is a whole lotta of knittin' goin' on. Sorry Jerry, I couldn't resist. I have been bartering again. One of the younger boys at work wants some knitted socks. And he bought the yarn. Come springtime, I will need a young strong boy to help in the yarden doing some heavy lifting, so we are trading labor for labor. I currently have the first sock of a pair of socks for me on the 5" double pointed needles, a barn-raising square on the 7"dpn's and a pair of socks on the 40" Addi Turbo circular needle for him. I am going to knit him 2 pairs of tube socks using the magic loop technique. O, and he requested a pair of felted house socks too. No prob.

Had my eyes checked yesterday and dr said I have the beginnings of a cataract. Ugh. Ordered the new glasses today and about had heart failure at the price!

I'm still working on my 4SQS5 quilt. Sorry no photos.

The hand quilting is progressing on the little quilt. I am not going to show a photo of it until it is done. After all, how boring to see the same thing over and over.

Spent a bit of time late this afternoon, cutting some scraps into 2.5" squares for leader enders. I have a LOT of 4 patches made up now. I suppose I should make something from them?

Today it was a lot more like spring than a wintery January day. The sky was blue, the weather warmy and slightly balmy, the ice melting on the lakes and the doves were cooing. Never heard doves in January before. So here's to you: stay warm and enjoy your weekend.


  1. I love your story about the "wall" we have a pizza joint here that people have been writting their names on for 20 years it is a blast to read

  2. Anonymous7:58 PM

    I know this is a Dumb question but what is a leader-ender? I read it all the time on blogs but have never read the explanation.

    Love your b. boar,d. Leave it that way, it rocks with all the memories displayed.

  3. Anonymous7:59 PM

    PS, excuse my typo above. My computer went nuts for a second and I lost my place.

  4. Great barter. I know you will enjoy your part much more than he will enjoy his.

    That must be some wall............

  5. I ordered my new glasses from here for a fraction of the price.
    I was pleased with the speed and the glasses.

  6. I like the idea of having a wall of history like that. And the bartering idea. It has been 10 degrees below zero here the last couple of days.

  7. I want to know if I know where that wall is...more info, pleeeez!

  8. I love those bulletin walls . . . they really are a moment in time *s*

  9. My bulletin board is a lot messier than yours! I did clean it up at the beginning of the new year but I love looking at all the mementos and photos so it stays pretty full. I put up some new quilt
    inspiration pictures stolen from blogs since the ones I had pinned up never inspired me enough to attempt them. Added a few new trinkets and some more recent grandchildren photos. It's my own personal time capsule.

  10. I am staying warm here! we got to 18 today. yay! I love the teeny sock on your bulletin board. yours puts mine to shame for neatness though. I always start out with great intentions and a pretty board, and then one more thing here and there and soon it's overfull.

  11. Thoughts of bulletin boards must be in the air. I just figured out a way to add one to my desk by inserting it in the back on the hutch below the shelves and drawers. Haven't had time to fabricate it yet. Sorry to hear about the cataract.

  12. I would love to see that bulletin board in that shop. Amazing finds under the papers I would imagine.
    I also have a bulletin board in my sewing room. Love putting pictures of the kids there as well as projects lurking around in my head!!

  13. How fun is your bulleting board! And all I have to say (which I've been meaning to email you, but always get sidetracked) is my FAVORITE pair of socks is the pair you made for me with the bamboo thread/yarn. Oh those are just my most favorite pair! So thank you again!

  14. I like your bulletin board. I don't think it needs to be changed at all.