20 May 2009

Quiet time

It has been pretty quiet around La Casa del Quilter. Still plugging away on the barter quilt. The applique quilt has been set aside for the moment.

The big thing is that I can not start on the window shades until CarGuy remeasures the windows for me. I don't DO ladders and these windows are 18 feet up. Nope, no way am I going to get on a ladder. So I can't start the shades until I get confirmation of the measurements.

In other news, I found the book for the pattern in the previous post and added the link to that post, in case you are interested.

No big plans for the weekend. We have been having hot July weather and it is forecasted to go back to the normal May pattern. That means cooler weather and showers.

*photo courtesy of Microsoft.com Clipart.


  1. What a little cutie you have there. A sleeping angel!

  2. I'm not a ladder fan either. Although I would love to have windows at 18 feet high. Love the baby photo. There is nothing more precious than a sleeping baby.

  3. Is here a hint in that adorable baby picture? One of my friends at work just found out she is going to be a grandmother.

  4. No ladders here either, I'm too clumsy. Stay cool, Paula!

  5. Sweet photo - thought you had a new grand baby in the making. I'd rather take a nap than climb ladders, but I have some painting to do this summer and I am trying to psych myself up for all the work.

  6. A big shhhhhhhh is called for here. I will tiptoe in and leave my comment *VBS* What a sweet picture!
    Some great quilts your last few post, and my goodness but you've taken some big projects. All worthwhile though. I know what you will be doing this summer *VBS* Enjoy the process...neat score on getting all the pink and green from the 1930's! Hugs, Finn

  7. Yeah, this chick doesn't do anything up and out of reach. Plum stupid! Now, I'd have to say you really got me with that sleeping baby. I thought "Karen, you're so not in the loop." hee.

    As for the weather, be chill but listen, we're sopping down here in the deep south and it suckin' wind let me tell you. I think we're going on day 6. Hope to dry out soon. Maybe some "Dry Idea" or "Soft n Dry" or perhaps because it's been so long we need some Man Power stuff like... well I don't know what that would be since I'm just a gal but you get my sick drift! hee.